Bagel Buoy Market for Lunch

Bagel Buoy Market for Lunch

My husband and I were walking around Sag Harbor last Friday looking for a place to grab some food on the go and take it either to the lawn in front of the harbor or to an empty bench or table near or on Bay Street. Believe it or not, it has been many years since either of us stopped into the famous Bagel Buoy on Bay Street, which is frequented by locals to grab a satisfying, wholesome breakfast or lunch. That day, the deli caught our eye, especially because we were craving a sandwich. My husband waited outside with our daughter in the stroller. I walked in and it was jam-packed! I could not locate where the line began so just used good judgement and looked around to identify who arrived before me. I soon realized, however, that people who were standing their holding a laminated voucher had already placed their order, and others were waiting or deciding on what to order.

This place has everything you could crave for breakfast or lunch (open seven days from 6am-4pm). They have omelets, bakery items (including Dreesen’s Donuts), pancakes, french toast and bagels of course for breakfast. For lunch they offer a wide variety of wraps, subs, burgers, chicken/fish platters, salads, soups, including daily specials. Their menu is available online here.

For lunch, I decided to order the Rancho Hero as a wrap instead of its regular sub. The Rancho Hero is prepared with swiss cheese, chicken cutlets, lettuce, bacon, tomato, and ranch dressing. I love ranch dressing on sandwiches and wraps. If I were to order it again, I would ask for it to be made with honey mustard as well and maybe cheddar cheese instead of swiss. In my opinion, I think cheddar would compliment the wrap better. It was filling! I ate most of it and my husband finished the rest (I ate about two-thirds of the wrap). I love that it was stuffed, cut in half, and neatly wrapped! It was very tasty and satisfying. I would suggest chopped iceberg lettuce instead, and just a tad more ranch sauce. For next time, I would order either the BBQ (barbecue chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, garden salad, mayo, and bulls eye bbq) or Souvlaki (grilled chicken, garden salad, and tzatziki sauce) wrap.

To go with the sandwich, I chose Hubert’s Watermelon lemonade and chocolate chip Brownie Brittle. I had never had Hubert’s lemonade and really liked this flavor. It was just a tad sweet and reminded me of an old-fashioned lemonade stand by the beach. I can’t get enough of the Brownie Brittle! It didn’t take us long to finish the bag. The crispy pieces taste just like the freshly homemade brownie corners straight from the pan. The only thing is that I don’t think the packaging is right for the brittle. It is disappointing that it breaks apart into crumbs so easily when being shipped and handled. I think it would be better either in a cardboard box or like individual cookies or crackers in a cylindrical or square container, perhaps.

Did you know you could text in your order and it will be ready upon pickup? I discovered this after I saw some people come in and pick up their order with their phone (receipt). You would receive an order number that you would show them upon arrival. That is so convenient and what is especially great is that they will see specifically what you would like, including any special requests such as a particular type of bread, ingredient addition, etc. The number to text to is 631-532-7980.

Breakfast is served all day! The offer a few seats inside at their window counter. For more information, please visit


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