HAMPTONS Handpoured

Hamptons native, Brittany Torres, launched HAMPTONS Handpoured in March of this year and is quickly growing in popularity. Her handcrafted candle line includes four candles: SOUTHAMPTON, BRIDGEHAMPTON, WESTHAMPTON, AND EAST HAMPTON. “I’ve been making candles recreationally for over a year so I had a starting point of what oils I preferred to use and what blends I wanted to try, especially for my Village Series,” explains Torres. “But, it still took me about twenty trials for each scent because I wanted to get the ideal blends of the notes for each candle.  I also had to test burning time, color, and scent throw.”

Torres derived each scent for the Hamptons based on what notes I personally believe tell the story of each Village.  “It provides my customers to ‘Take a piece of the Hamptons home with them!’ An example would be The EAST HAMPTON that has notes of Cashmere, Fig, and Strawberry.  The term Cashmere to describe my blended fragrance showcases the luxury that lines the streets of the village, and the Strawberry & Fig remind me of the lovely farms and natural markets.

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