Claudio’s Clam Bar

Claudio’s Clam Bar

My family and I have been coming to Claudio’s Clam Bar for over a decade. Dining here for lunch is always something we look forward to each summer. The outside space on the dock is very laid-back, with their covered deck space and spacious bar area. Once we arrived, we were notified by the hostess that it would be about a twenty-five minute wait. She took our phone number and sent us a text message as soon as our table was ready. We were glad that Sarah’s stroller would fit in the dining space.

For drinks, we each had frozen strawberry daiquiris at the bar as we waited to be seated. Our drinks had to be paid for separately at the bar. The daiquiris were pureed with a refreshing mix of rum, and strawberries with a touch of lime and a maraschino cherry. Our wait didn’t seem long at all as we enjoyed watching the boats float past the harbor and the scenery of Shelter Island just across the way.

Our waitress was so kind and one of the nicest we have had in a long time. She was very attentive and brought over extra oyster crackers for Sarah to snack on. To start, we ordered 1/2 dozen fresh select oysters on the half shell ($11.95), and 1/2 dozen fresh local little neck clams on the half shell ($7.95)  from the raw bar. The raw bar was straight from the sea fresh and a great start to our meal.

For lunch, we ordered Claudio’s Combo: platter of fried flounder, shrimp, and scallops served with tartar sauce, fries, and cole slaw ($18.95); Baked Stuffed Clams (a house specialty): their very own recipe of fresh clams, herbs, and spices ($9.95); and Claudio’s Jumbo Clam Strips: lightly fried, served with tartar sauce, fries, and cole slaw ($15.95).

I had a real hankering for fried clams; these were the first I had all summer. This dish really hit the spot. After sharing the raw bar amongst three people, I couldn’t finish all of the fried clams. It was a very filling dish and highly suggested if you have a desire for fried clam strips. The claudio’s combo platter is very substantial dish for even two people. Everything was excellent and we were satisfied straight through dinner! We look forward to coming back for another visit this summer. The baked stuffed clams were a seafood lovers favorite, truly a staple of the restaurant that everyone must taste for themselves!

Seating is on a first come first serve basis. During the evenings on the weekends, the restaurant features live music, a dance floor, and two bars. //  631-477-1889


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