Sweet Sunday: CocoRau

Sweet Sunday: CocoRau

CocoRau recently introduced Raw Cacao Power Bites are an ambrosial and unique assortment of raw cocoa bite-sized morsels you will look forward to enjoying almost on a daily basis. These velvety, superfood bites include a plethora of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are equally calming and revitalizing. The bites are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and no processed sugar. This is huge for me as I am trying to steer away from sugar. The company was founded by professional makeup artist Konstanze Zeller

The four raw, organic cacao power bites I tried were: Turiya (Espresso), Samadhi (Orange Bliss), So Hum (Lavender), and Lakshmi (Matcha Tea). Turiya is made with raw almonds, raw cacao paste and butter, raw coconut sugar, and espresso. Samadhi is a blend of raw almonds hazelnuts and almonds, raw cacao paste, raw honey, raw coconut oil, and essential orange oil. So Hum is made with organic lavender essence. Lakshmi’s ingredients include raw pistachios, raw coconut, matcha, and vanilla powder. Each piece of cacao is 1 oz.


Zeller, while working in fashion as a makeup artist, became very very sick a few years ago, and literally couldn’t speak. To regain her health, Zeller worked with a naturopath and got her voice back in three weeks after starting her treatment. She went through seven months of detox and totally changed the way she ate. From that experience, Zeller explained that she wanted to create something healthy with cacao. From there, she would bring the cacao bites to fashion shoots and people were very pleased with the taste and concept.

“I haven’t felt so good in all my life. It is true, you change your body and continue to eat healthy, you change your life,” says Zeller.

The bites are aesthetically appealing, provide a mild energy boost, and are compact so you could carry them with you in your purse, yoga, or gym bag. As the bites melt quicker than traditional dark chocolate, in order to keep their shape, the bites should be stored in the refrigerator year round. My favorite bite was Samadhi that had a gentle, refreshing crunch with an essence of orange. The most popular bite is the Lakshmi. Three of the bites are sweetened with raw honey, thus the only true vegan bite is the Turiya (Espresso). Zeller chose raw honey as it has a ton of health benefits, which I would agree with. Honey is my preferred sweetener.

These small-batch treats are handcrafted at NatureEs, a vegan restaurant in Manhattan. Each power bite is named after the essence of the mantras. You can find CocoRau at SagTown Coffee, and Marie Eiffel Market in Shelter Island. The shelf life is two months, and can be extended a month or so when frozen.

http://cocorau.com // 212-777-8077


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