Dinner at Townline BBQ

Dinner at Townline BBQ

Yesterday, as the warmer weather was beginning to melt the ice across our driveway, my husband, our daughter, and I decided to venture out for dinner. We decided on a restaurant with a convenient location and one that served food from lunch through dinner as it was just after 4pm. We love that Townline BBQ does just that. There is no break between lunch and dinner and you could come in, choose any table you desire, and sit there while enjoying your meal at your leisure.

As you exit the car and walk into the restaurant, you can instantly smell the hints of hickory and mesquite from the grill. The restaurant was not too crowd but a good twenty people or so took advantage of the off-time in between lunch and dinner to take it easy and enjoy some delicious, hearty grub.

For dinner, my husband first ordered the the pulled pork sandwich for $10.25, and I had their Dinner Combo Plate for $16.50 which included two meats and two sides. I chose the chopped brisket and pulled pork with collard greens and thick cut fried onions. We both loved our meals and decided to order some more food because were still hungry but knew since our daughter was taking a nap, that we would relax there for at least an hour. It ended up being closer to two hours. Kris, my husband, ordered their wings and we split a generous slice of their German Chocolate Cake ($4.75).

My husband’s sandwich was “slightly tangy, smokey, and a bit on the spicy side. Very delicious and very moist!” I felt I made the best choices with my combinations. The meat was not heavily salted, my pulled pork was tender, tangy and slightly sweet and the brisket was grilled to perfection and the meat pulled apart very nicely. Their Townline BBQ sauce seals the deal! The spicy version is not overwhelmingly spicy by any means and is worth a try. The wings were moist, slightly spicy with a hint of hickory, the meat easily falling off the bone.

The German Chocolate cake is in a category of its own. Moist, dense, and a fresh-from-the-oven taste in each bite. It is exactly what I wanted and more. We ended up finishing everything even though we originally considered taking half the slice home. We couldn’t put our forks down! I highly recommend ordering a slice, even if it is to take home and enjoy later. Don’t leave without it or without trying it! This is a phenomenal, budget-friendly eatery that offers a traditional BBQ experience.

There is a pool table in the cocktail section, a happy hour, and their famous Trivia Night. During the warmer months and when the beach is open, they offer a Main Beach Delivery Menu with a minimum order of $20. They also have a catering menu. They are open from 11:30am-9pm Sunday, Monday & Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday from 11:30am-10pm. The restaurant is currently closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For more information, please visit http://www.townlinebbq.com


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