Holiday Gift Guide: Practical Gifts for Children

Holiday Gift Guide: Practical Gifts for Children

With all of the trends and ‘hot toy items’ of the year, I prefer to look to practical, long-lasting gifts that my son and daughter will use and enjoy now and appreciate when they get older. Both of my children are very lucky to have many toys and games that have been past down from my generation and even their grandparents’ generation. They have a wide assortment of wooden puzzles, handmade wooden blocks and trains, and lots of musical toy instruments. At least 70% of the toys my children currently have were handed down from a previous generation.

I am very particular when I purchase Christmas presents. I was very thrilled this year to spot some great finds that I am eager to share with you!

Kids Holiday Gift Guide

My cat, Amy, makes an appearance

Music & Lights Piano Kick Pad is a versatile musical toy that can be used as a piano or as a cot kick pad. As it easily fastens to most cots and prams, it allows for endless moments of play and stimulation. My son loves ‘moving’ along to the beat of the music while watching the lights, which stimulate his eye coordination. My daughter loves to sit and play with him as well. Batteries are included. Available at Buy Buy Baby($14.35) 

Jungle Friends Gift Pack is one of the most fun and adorable gift ideas for baby! It is a colorful wrist rattle and foot finder set. Secured with Velcro straps, the engaging zebra and giraffe characters feature a mixture of plush, woven and silky fabrics ideal for little hands to explore. The bright and engaging linking hands are great for attaching baby’s favorite toys whilst on-the-go. These keep my son entertained in between and after feedings during the late mornings and afternoons. Available at Buy Buy Baby.  ($11.99)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide

Kids Holiday Gift Guide

mifold Grab n’ Go Booster is a convenient, fully safety tested booster seat that is 10x smaller than a regular booster seat. This is exceptional for switching vehicles, especially when visiting loved ones over the holidays. We regularly go between vehicles and this booster seat makes the transition so much easier with no hassle. It is also perfect for carpooling, car rentals, and taxi rides. It is so compact that it could easily fit in a backpack or carry on luggage when folded. Comes in a variety of colors. ($44.99)

Drink in the Box and Snack in the Box by Precidio Design are ideal travel companions for the car ride and for school. Eco-friendly and compact with a strong seal, and comes in a selection of colors. In the Snack Box, there are two chambers that allow you two pack two different snacks. My daughter brings both to school on a regular basis and helps us save money where we don’t have to buy individual disposable drink boxes and snacks. BPA and Phthalate Free. Available on Amazon. Ages 3+ ($11.99 8 oz., $14.99 12 oz.)

Kids Holiday Gift Guide mifold

Colorz Boxes Storage Case by ZIPIT is a great tool for your elementary age children to store their pencils, gel pens, erasers, craft tools, and more. These soft-shell cases come in five different patterns and colors. Available online and at Walmart stores. Ages 5+ ($9.99)

Keating Entertainment CD Plays six fun and energetic songs that are perfect for long car rides and family trips. Encourage learning through fun in “The Manners Song,” “Tinkle Tinkle on the Pot,” and “Learn. Grow. Repeat.” Will Keating is an Atlanta, GA based artist. In addition to music, he is also a puppeteer and ventriloquist. He lovingly makes all of his puppets for each of his projects. He enjoys entertaining hundreds of children at churches, libraries, coffee shops, and birthday parties. His music is also available on SoundCloud.

Will Keating


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