An Interview with Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger of Elements Fitness

An Interview with Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger of Elements Fitness

It is a pleasure to introduce my readers to Elements Fitness, a boutique barre and dance fusion studio located in the Village of East Hampton steps away from the Village’s shopping and dining scene. I have been taking classes at Elements Fitness for the past month and am so thrilled with the method, class format, and energy that Founder and Director Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger brings to class. She is so personable and friendly with each client, greeting them before class, and bidding them farewell at the finish. During class, she is encouraging and upbeat, keeping each one of us focused and striving for our best output.

If you have never taken barre before or if you are a master at the barre, you must come to Elements Fitness. In all my four years of taking barre classes, I have never experienced an hour fly by so quickly as I have when taking Andrea’s classes. Her expertise and positive spirit are what make her classes so unique and so worthwhile. Below, read my exclusive interview with Andrea where we discuss her approach to teaching, the apparatuses of a barre class, and what are her refrigerator essentials pre and post-workout.

Elements Fitness East Hampton
I have really enjoyed taking classes at your studio these past few weeks! What specific approaches make your method so unique and effective?

The signature class formula is designed to systematically strengthen and tone the body, this paired with our smaller classes and fast paced classes result in viewable body changes after your first few classes.

What are your three favorite exercises to teach in a barre class?

Chair pose- it’s so fun, so hard, such a great burn!

How to do this: placing the feet under the barre and sitting back so that the seat is line with the heels creates the best burn for the thighs (hold and pulse for 2 to 3 mins)

Curtsy pose- everyone loves to look like ballerina as you burn at the barre!

How to do this:  stepping one foot in front of the other bend both knees as if you are curtsying (hold for 2-3 mins)

Back dancing- working the buns to your favorite exercises.

How to do this: Laying on the mat, pressing the hips high to the sky for 2 to 3 mins

What is your favorite apparatus to use in class and why?

Booty bands are the best! They can be used for an additional challenge throughout the entire class, they are easy to use, and are very effective! These are for sale at the studio and are great for barre work at home or during travel.

I love your boutique within your studio! What are some pieces you love that are great as gifts for the holidays?

Our signature Elements Tees, and the blue puffer jackets by VIMMIA.

Elements Fitness East Hampton

Besides barre and dance, what other activities and hobbies do you enjoy?

Stand up paddle board, cooking at home as well as dining out. Cooking at home, we enjoy purchasing fresh veggies and seafood and making creations!  (good wine is key)

Where are some of your favorite spots to dine out in the Hamptons? 

We love eating out in the Hamptons during the winter months! I love Estia’s Little Kitchen, Wölffer Kitchen, and any thing by Carissa’s (located a few doors down from the studio)!

What are your essentials you keep in your fridge?

Black berries, Greek yogurt, carrots, celery, broccoli, egg whites, fig jam, whole grain bread, chicken Brest, and chicken sausage.

I saw that you have a stall bar in your studio, and I have used it each time I come in! Why is this tool so effective?

The Stall Bar is amazing tool for stretching lengthening the body after class. Hanging on the bar allows the body to work along with the principles of gravity to lengthen from the tips of the shoulders to the bottom to the toes.

Elements Fitness East Hampton

Sign up for classes and view their current schedule here. Private and semi-private classes are available upon request. // 631-604-5445

*Photos of Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger / Elements Fitness are courtesy of Elements Fitness, East Hampton


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