Moroccan Pavilion Highlights at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2016

Moroccan Pavilion Highlights at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2016

I had the pleasure of visiting the Moroccan pavilion whilst at the Summer Fancy Food Show about two weeks ago. I was given a private tour of the twenty exhibitors hailing from Morocco which showcased the quality and richness, and diversity of specialty food hailing from the North African nation. The country participated in the event through Food Export Control Organization (EACCE), under the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries. Morocco, for example, ranks among the world’s leading producers of seafood, especially sardines and octopus, flagship products of the Kingdom.

The focus of the Moroccan pavilion was to exhibit their fine array of olive oils, dried vegetables, fish, couscous, and fruits. Exhibitors at the event included: Dari Couspate (couscous), OLEA Capital (oils), Sicopa (olives, dried vegetables), and Cartier Saada S.A (oils). I received a private tour of the pavilion and had the opportunity to taste a variety of luxurious olive oils, couscous, olives, pastries, and mint tea.


Highlights from the pavilion included:

  • Moroccan Breakfast at 10am. The breakfast welcomed guests with traditional pastries, mint tea and other delights.
  • Chef Habiba El Haitar ran a Daily Cooking Show at 11:30am where she gave tips on how to prepare the best fragrant royal couscous as well as Zaalouk (Moroccan entree), and Pastilla.
  • A Tea Ceremony was held at the Pavilion at 3:30pm on Tuesday that was served along with delicious, traditional Moroccan pastries.


One of the purposes of Morocco’s participation in the food show was to promote Moroccan products and communicate about them and their competitive advantages in order to strengthen their position in the international market as well as forging new partnerships and new markets. I truly hope to see at least a few of the Moroccan exhibitors create a strong presence on the East End. I forged strong relationships with some of the exhibitors and hope to help bring their product to the Hamptons and North Fork. I bet you will all love the oils and olives I tried as much as I did. A few of the products sampled will be launched this summer and autumn. Stay tuned for more information there!

*Photos courtesy of © EACCE –  Independent Institution for Exports Control and Coordination


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