Drink It Tuesday: Sail Away Coffee

Drink It Tuesday: Sail Away Coffee

Begin your day’s venture with a bottle of sweetened (or unsweetened) coffee by Sail Away Coffee Co. Their coffee is sourced from around the globe including Costa Rica, Kenya, and Ethiopia. I am drawn to cold brew coffee as it is full-bodied, not watery, and already chilled so ice is not necessary. Grab your bottle in the morning, and you are good to start your day.

The company’s design and packaging is very rustic, comforting, and charming. It reminds me of camping deep in the heart of Maine when I was in grade school. Their handmade coaster compliments our antique dining room table perfectly. I had a guest over the other day and they had inquired about where I got it, so I then proceeded to tell them about this newly discovered coffee company. In addition to the cold brew coffee, I received a bag of their signature medium/dark roasted coffee: Captain’s Blend. It was very flavorful and was a great “perk” to jumpstart my day. I had it over ice with a splash of whole milk, no sweetener.

Sail Away Coffee

Founder, Christopher Vetter explains how the company was launched: “As a local Long Islander and founder of Sail Away Coffee, I have toured the globe as a musician for several years while not at my day job in
the food and beverage industry. With many of long nights on the road, a morning routine stop at the best local coffee shop was a must. One of my more recent tours through Central and South America sparked more than a mere appreciation for a good caffeine buzz. Having tasted and educated myself about coffee from various regions throughout my travels was an eye opener as to what great quality beans taste like. I wanted to bring that same intense flavor and passion back home with me and began experimenting with my own blends and premium roasts. Within less than seven months of establishing Sail Away Coffee and its signature Cold Brew and “Captain’s Blend” roast, we have acquired a captive audience through various specialty & gourmet markets. We have began small batch roasting in our facility in Huntington, NY and sourcing our own green beans- now offering customers a wide range of organic and fair trade roasts, in addition to our main product line.”

Looking for a special gift for that coffee lover in your life? They would be delighted to receive on of their three gift sets, including ‘The Griswold,’ with 8oz Roast Gift Box  (Captain’s Blend/ Costa Rican Tarrazu/ Kenya AA), Handmade Wood Burn Coaster Set of two, 13oz Camp Style Mug, Sail Away Custom Tee. Separate favorites include a tote bag, and whole-bean Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee blend.

Currently, Sail Away Coffee is developing new coffee blends, including “a killer Espresso.” Recently launched is their “nitro” cold brew on tap program, for bars and restaurants, which is nitrogen infused cold brew. Has the same mouth-feel, look, and creamy head as a Guinness Stout. Even more exciting is that they are customizing cold brew cocktail menus for bars/restaurants, including locations on Long Island!

Find Sail Away Coffee near you, including at over twenty local establishments in Brooklyn, and Nassau County, including Southdown Markets, North Shore Farms, Pat’s Marketplace, and Iavarone Brothers. During the holiday months, they sold a limited edition Christmas Blend; keep your eyes peeled for next season!

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  1. Serena O'Connor
    January 10, 2016 / 4:03 pm

    I have been looking for new cold brew coffee companies, I love this company’s bottle design and the coaster is super cool, very rustic! I hope we see them in stores in the Hamptons summer 2016!

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