Specialty Food Friday: 10 Best Things I Ate in 2017

Specialty Food Friday: 10 Best Things I Ate in 2017

After navigating this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show in Manhattan to scouting the newsletters from the specialty food trade and researching trends, I learned of several great new brands that I now enjoy on a regular basis. I was also introduced to many high quality snack brands that my daughter now brings to school as part of her lunch. I narrowed my discoveries down to ten, not an easy task.

Below are my top ten in Specialty Food for 2017.

Honey Butter Pasta Bow Ties, Eat Pasta Snacks

Their Pasta Bow Ties come in four irresistible flavors: Creamy Ranch, Honey Butter, Meatball Parm, and Smooth Cheddar. Made with real semolina flour and 100% non-GMO ingredients, this is one smart snack choice. My favorite is Honey Butter, the flavor is so authentic and irresistible! These are a favorite in my household.

Pasta Snacks Bow Ties Honey Butter

Sweet Sloops and Dark Horse Chocolates, Harbor Sweets

Most recently featured in my Holiday Specialty Food Gift Guide, their Dark Horse Chocolates are expertly crafted and taste just amazing as they look. They make the perfect gift for the equestrian lover in your life. Their Signature Sweet Sloops are a customer favorite; A sailboat-shaped almond buttercrunch toffee, a mainsail and jib of white chocolate floating in dark chocolate with pecan spindrift.

Harbor Sweets MA

Aegean Olives, Hiç 

Also featured in my gift guide is the Hiç Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Box. Inside were the best marinated olives I have had in a long time. The distinct taste of their olives include a grassy aroma, artichoke and fresh almond notes, and a balanced pungent and bitter finish.

Hic Olive Oil

Butter Toffee Caramels, Everton Toffee

These caramels are simply the best! I eat them straight from the package and use them in baking. Most recently I baked my trip dark chocolate sea salt caramel cookies and used their butter toffee caramels as my ‘secret’ ingredient. You can currently find these locally at HomeGoods in Wainscott.

Everton Toffee Caramels

Pumpkin Pie Butter, Fischer & Wieser

The Pumpkin Pie Butter was so delicious that I practically ate it from the jar. After featuring, I instantly went and bought five more jars. Below you will see how I blended it into plain cream cheese and topped the creation on a freshly baked local bagel. You can also top with biscuits and toast, and pour over ice cream.

Fischer and Wieser

Pink Salt & Pink Peppercorn, Endorfin Foods

One of the finest vegan chocolate bars I have ever had. Endorfin Foods is the only bean-to-bar chocolate company using coconut sugar to sweeten their chocolate. Their chocolate bars are organic and crafted from ethically sourced ingredients like agroforestry cacao, coconut sugar, and coconut mylk with no refined sugar, dairy, soy, or gluten, making them both vegan and paleo approved. The packaging itself is so gorgeous.

Endorfin Foods

Fruit and Veggie Stix, Nature’s Bandits

Nature’s Bandits must be one of the best child friendly snacks my daughter and I have tried. My daughter can’t get enough of them and we both love that they are not too tough and chewy. This healthy fruit and veggie snack is certified organic, and are made of real fruit and vegetables with no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.


2-Minute Mousse, Kakosi

You have not experienced chocolate mousse until you have tasted Kakosi’s organic mousse with chocolatey bits! Their mousse mix should be a staple in everyone’s pantry. Why? Follow their simple mousse recipe and create restaurant-quality chocolate mousse in less time than you can imagine. Garnish with strawberries, raspberries or their own organic cacao nibs.

Kakosi Chocolate

Riz Au Lait, Petit Pot

Featuring one of the cutest labels around, Petit Pot, makes their desserts with organic milk, organic cream, organic butter, organic sugar and the best cocoas, Madagascar vanilla, and other spices and flavors. My daughter loved her gluten-free Riz Au Lait as a snack/dessert, it is also the perfect size for her to take to school! The packaging is just darling!


Macarons, Macaron Bites

I couldn’t get enough of photographing their stunning macaron displays at this year’s Luxury Brunch in the Hamptons. Rewind the clock back almost seven years and my husband and I would have loved to have one or two of these at our wedding. My favorite was the Red Velvet.

RAND Luxury Brunch

*Everton Toffee Caramels Tin Photo Courtesy of Everton Toffee


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