Sweet Sunday: Pride Enjoy Radical Rainbow Cookies

Sweet Sunday: Pride Enjoy Radical Rainbow Cookies

Pride Enjoy Radical Rainbow Cookies, founded by Janel Ordemann just over a year ago, has created a strong presence on the East End’s specialty food market scene. Her rainbow cookies are more than divine, they are cookies that everyone could enjoy because they are completely allergen free! Yes, it is true, these cookies are: wheat-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, vegan, cholesterol-free, non-GMO, and made with neither artificial colors or preservatives. Parents with elementary school-age children, rejoice! Look no further than these fruity, moist, chocolate-layered cookies for in school birthday celebrations and parties at home.

A friend of my and my husband’s son has severe allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and soy, and these sensational cookies made me think of him. More and more children seem to have allergies, and sometimes more than one allergy to certain ingredients that many of us take for granted. It is so great to see these new companies come about and give everyone the opportunity to indulge in sweet treats.

Ordemann has no allergies herself, but growing up, she became aware that there is such a strong desire for those in that allergy population to enjoy delicit is desserts. She knew right away that she wanted to set herself apart from other bakeries and create a product that primarily caters to those with allergies. To learn more about the need for these baked goods she desired to create, she reached to people with allergies or intolerances. She also knew that she wanted her product to be vegan. “I did not know much about why some people stood for veganism, but I’ve learned so much through starting the company,” explains Ordemann. After reaching out to vegan groups and learning more about their reason and cause for living a vegan lifestyle, Ordemann now caters to that lifestyle 90% of the time. “They do have a great point, it has meaning and stands for something. I am very happy that I have a product that stands for things that make a difference.”

According to Ordemann, it was quite a challenge finding and creating the perfect cookie made with dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free ingredients. “Dairy-free was not as a hard, but I never realized how many products have soy, ” says Ordemann, “most chocolates have soy lecithin as an emulsifier. I was scanning every label of every ingredient I considered using. It is definitely a different way of baking.”

Gluten-free was the hardest allergen to avoid in my baking. “Gluten-free was more of an issue, as shelf life is nonexistent for gluten-free foods. It was all about getting the right consistency with the flour, as gluten-free foods have that reputation to be dry, crumbly, and bland.” Radical Rainbow Cookies are the complete opposite! “I didn’t want to give my product excuses because it is gluten-free, I wanted it to taste amazing. A lot of it really had to do with being a perfectionist. I was striving for that product where you would not know the difference whether it was gluten-free or not.”

Product development took three to four months, but there was tweaking to be done afterward. When one person first tried her cookies, they exclaimed, “It is better than my mom’s!” Almost a year in the making, and hundreds of trails later, the final product arrived just over a month ago. It is one that Ordemann is completely satisfied with.

Ordemann also wanted to avoid artificial dyes. “For the pink, I use ground beet powder, and for the green, I use liquid chlorophyll. The liquid chlorophyll is a great coloring agent. No taste comes through in a negative way.”

Originally from Wading River, Ordemann was interested in the baking industry ever since she was little. “My mom included me in the kitchen very young,” says Ordemann. “I went to school originally to become a Home Economics teacher, then went back to school for culinary and baking courses. I did internships in the field, and learned so much more about the industry. I also worked in retail and grocery store bakeries, and test kitchens. In the test kitchens, I helped with product development and quality control. I learned about fast production and worked with some allergen-free products.”

“It reached a point about a year ago where I knew that wanted to start my own company. I picked a bake good that I love and one that is healthy natural, and then I gave it a go. It was the perfect point in my life to attempt something like this.”

You could purchase her cookies online here. All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Pride Enjoy Cookies may be coming to Wild By Nature Market soon and to Whole Foods in the long run. Look for them now in North Fork Gift, the North Fork Chocolate Company and at the Riverhead Farmer’s Market on select Saturdays. The cost is $9 at the market, $9.99 online per package (plus shipping).

The shelf life for the cookies is two weeks, and could be refrigerated or frozen to extend the shelf life. I ate some of mine and froze the rest for later on this summer, though do intend to buy some more packages soon. There are ten cookies to an 11.3 oz package. For more information, please visit http://www.pride-enjoy.com


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