10 Best Things I Drank in 2015

La Fine Montauk

I sipped on a diverse range of beverages in 2015, many of which if you were to mention to me in 2014, I would be so surprised by. I love with my adventures in blogging, and freelance writing that I have had the opportunity to try so many innovative products.

I bet you will fall in love with many of these brands as I have. From cold-pressed cocktails, to a hot “dirty” chai, here are my ten “best things I drank in 2015.”

Maple Water, DRINKmaple

A little taste of Vermont loaded with hydration. After having the opportunity to taste this “straight from the tree” maple water, I began buying it in bulk. Everyone I have introduced it to is mad about it. As it is organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO, you can’t go wrong. Plus, it is perfect to toss in your travel bag for on-the-go pure antioxidants in a bottle.

Drink Maple

Cucumber Basil, MixCraft 

Have a cocktail and not regret it the next day. Instead of a 500-calorie margarita (yikes!), sip a soothingly refreshing Cucumber Basil MixCraft mixer with a splash of tequila to toast those spicy summer nights. Come join me at my backyard pool as I will be serving plenty of these drinks come summer of 2016.

2012 Vintners Select Merlot, Clovis Point Vineyard

A perfect pairing to your favorite cheese plate (may I suggest a sharp, white cheddar), and to almost any hearty meal. This full-bodied, oaky wine is in a class of its own, and stood out among the other merlot’s featured at Harvest East End in August. I look forward to sharing some of my wine tour experiences with you in 2016.

Pumpkin Spice Martini, La Fine

A taste of the harvest with plenty of spirit! A rendition of their “Jack-O’-Lantern,” The my pumpkin spice martini was topped with freshly grated cinnamon and made with vanilla vodka.Both drinks were chilled the way they should be. The bartender is such a doll; he is an expert at crafting any cocktail beverage your heart desires. Stay for dessert and you will be treated to an equally refreshing cappuccino also garnished with fresh cinnamon.

Manuka Honey, Honeydrop Beverages

Now here’s to drinking to your health. Honeydrop’s apple ginger lemon sweetened with Raw Manuka Honey is the drink that will accompany you to the beach. I find mine now at Whole Foods in Connecticut as I have not seen them sold anywhere in the Hamptons. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would be most thankful

American Puff, LT Burger

Cheers to celebrating your inner childhood. Every detail in crafting this milkshake is top-notch. The whipped cream tasted homemade with a thick and creamy consistency. The comforting cool vanilla ice cream and ribbons of chocolate and peanut butter emancipated a wistful nostaligia. I continue to long for this milkshake every time I visit Sag Harbor.

DSC_1327 copy

Chocolate Goji Swirl, Rockin’ Wellness

This is how I start every morning, especially if I want that balanced energy that keeps me going well into the afternoon. My favorite is their Chocolate Goji Swirl packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein. I choose to blend it into my morning shakes with frozen bananas, dates, a dash of cinnamon, and crunchy organic almond butter.


Grounded, Mindful Juice

That rare juice company that withholds to a genuine message about juicing: “The ideal time to drink a juice is not on a completely empty stomach,” adds [co-founder] Semlear. “One juice in the morning and one in the evening with a small salad on the side is great as a supplement. Green juice is wonderful to start the day, and is a way of resetting the body.” You can find Mindful juice in Sag Harbor and in Montauk. I hope to see a continuing expansion from this bona fide duo.


Fusion™, ChaiElixir

Fusion™ is a gently sweetened, silky oolong tea with vanilla undertones and a touch of citrus for a complex, woody finish. The carbonation, reminiscent of champagne, takes it to a whole new level. A lovely, gently carbonated beverage you can enjoy all year long with just 90 calories a bottle.

Dirty Chai, North Fork Roasting Co.

Recently, the coffee shop began selling their homemade, large marshmallows. Think of a fluffy, sweet pillow soaring across your taste buds. The ladies who own and operate North Fork Roasting Co. are exceptionally talented and detail-oriented. Walking in to their rustic coffeehouse is exactly like walking in to someone’s home. You may not want to leave after your first sip!


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