15 Things You May Not Know About Me

Vanessa Gordon

Get to know the Editor behind East End Taste! As the season comes into full swing, I thought it would be fun to share some facts about me that you may not already know. Below are fifteen fun facts exclusively about myself.

1. I love animals! My dream is to work in Africa at a Cheetah sanctuary.

2. I drink watermelon juice/water everyday during the summer season.

3. I also eat chocolate everyday. My two favorites are sea salt caramel truffles and dark chocolate lemon cremes.

4. I have been playing the violin for almost 20 years. I wish the Hamptons had a community orchestra. Otherwise, I practice at home in my spare time.

5. I love practically anything with goat cheese.

6. I love British and Italian designer labels. Most of my clothes are purchased and shipped over from Europe. High street stores I shop at are Zara, Gap, Jigsaw, Banana Republic, and Oasis.

7. Caffeine has zero effect on me. I only drink it for the taste. But I do not like anything “coffee flavored”: ice cream, chocolate, etc.

8. I am clueless when it comes to hair styling. I don’t own a straight iron and barely know how to curl my hair. A standard braid and bun is about it.

9. I never wear makeup.

10. To transition from the winter to the spring, I go wearing boots to sandals and vice versa.

11. I exercise at least six days a week 3-4 hours a day. One of my favorite hobbies is trying new types of exercises to stay in shape. I love being constantly challenged!

12. I love to bake! My next venture is making homemade crème brûlée.

13. I have never been star struck, except when I met Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett.

14. I have a crush on the 10th Dr. Who (my husband does know btw)

15. I consider London my second home.


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