15th Annual Garlic and Harvest Festival in Bethlehem

garlic and harvest festival east end taste bethlehem ct

October 12th and 13th marked the 15th annual Garlic and Harvest Festival in Bethlehem, CT. This festival celebrates one of the world’s favorite flavors, garlic. An abundance of ingredients, spices, herbs, and kitchenware were available for purchase. At every turn, the delightful aroma of fresh garlic wafted from stands.

Chefs prepared their favorite garlic-based recipes and purveyors. They offered samples of pesto, garlic spreads, cheeses, dips, and even ice cream! Local farms offered some of the last harvests the season has to offer, including dozens of varieties of garlic.

garlic and harvest festival east end taste bethlehem ct

I could not resist the smoked brisket chili Frito pie from Big Enzo’s BBQ and al dente penne with garlic and olive oil from La Zingara. Other highlights of the festival included frozen apple cider slushies, cotton candy flavored with natural honey, deep-fried pickles, lobster rolls, and old-fashioned soda.

There were far more exotic menus and healthier options this year. For example, options included Happy Cow Indian Eats and Poke Motion poke bowl. The lemongrass grill also featured a lemongrass tofu sandwich.

garlic and harvest festival east end taste bethlehem ct


Some of my favorite ingredients available at the festival were black garlic ghee from Simply Ghee and Turkeywoods Farm hickory syrup, a variation on maple syrup using the sap and bark from hickory trees instead of maple. It was impossible not to fall in love with the beautiful block printed cotton garments from Saar Lifestyle. Their garments included a collection of unique maxi dresses in colorful prints. Other stands offered jewelry, home decor, and herbal remedies.

In the small farming community of Bethlehem, CT, the weather was warm and sunny, and the fall leaves were at their peak of color. The Garlic and Harvest Festival was the perfect way to bid a fond farewell to the harvest season.