5 Best Itineraries for Your Next Cruise

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If you dream of experiencing an unforgettable trip with your family or your partner, cruising can be the perfect answer to all your needs. Every year, many travelers book both ocean and river cruises and leave for a life-changing adventure.

There are many companies, such as Aqua Expeditions, that offer marvelous river and ocean cruises all around the world. All you have to do is pick your favorite itinerary and leave for your next adventure. If you still haven’t decided which one your next destination is going to be, we have selected five of the best itineraries to take into account before you book your cruise.

1. Brazil

Dive into the heart of South America to enjoy the perfect river cruise experience. Whether you choose a budget cruise or other luxury options, this is the best region to spot parrots, toucans, caimans and macaws.

If you want a break from the vastity (and humidity) of the rainforest, you can explore the mainland and have a delicious terra firma dinner. For a more adventurous experience, book a cruise that will take you to Tefe, where most of Brazil’s wildlife live.

The majority of Brazilian Amazon cruises leave from Manaus or Rio de Janeiro and then sail up to the port of Macapa. If you wish to extend your trip, you can book additional experiences or day trips all around Brazil with a professional and local guide.

2. Ecuador

In the 16th century, conquistadores and adventurers used the Napo river as the main departure point for their trips. Today, you can feel like one of those brave explorers by booking a cruise in Ecuador. This itinerary will lead you to Yasuni National Park, where you will experience one of the most exciting and unique biodiversity. In fact, here jaguars, spiders and squirrels pacifically coexist with monkeys and even tarantulas.

You can also book a round trip on a smaller boat to head into the flooded forest. You may be lucky enough to encounter some members of the Waorani and Kichwa indigenous communities. If you dream of exploring a luxurious natural region while relaxing on a cruise boat, this is definitely the best itinerary for you.

3. Bolivia

Although Bolivia’s Amazon basin region is one of the least explored by tourists, we believe that this area deserves to be seen and recognized for its beauty. The Mamoré river hosts capybaras, caimans and the extraordinary pink dolphins.

There are not many cruises that operate here, but you can still find some packages that offer interesting experiences. For example, some cruise ships are equipped with canoes which you can use to explore the Amazonian forests and spot some turtles, monkeys and anteaters. Nevertheless, don’t forget to respect the environment, as well as the Mojeña and Yurakaré people who live here.

4. Bahamas

A Bahamas cruise is on every traveler’s bucket list. Despite what you may think, this experience can be affordable and accessible, since several major cruise lines visit this region every year. Even if you cannot spend more than a few days on holiday, you can still book a seven-night itinerary, which will make you visit the Nassau and Freeport areas.

Allegedly, this is where some celebrities’ private islands and luxury resorts are located. This may be a good time for some bird-spotting, or to finally see your favorite movie stars sunbathing and enjoying themselves.

5. Danube River

Visiting Europe is on every traveler’s bucket list and for a reason. Europe holds great places worth exploring. If you want to see most of Europe’s mesmerizing sites and you want to enjoy some stunning art, then a cruise down Danube River is a perfect choice. You will enjoy a great opportunity to see the most beautiful cities in different European countries and visit them onshore while traveling from one another in a most convenient way.

 Every year, many families are discovering the beauty of this region, and this is now becoming one of the most popular itineraries between couples and solo travelers as well. If you want a taste of what Europe has to offer, then you should book a Danube River cruise. This will guide you through charming sceneries, through many cities, Nuremberg, Vienna and Melk. These cities are rich in art and history, with beautiful fairy-tale castles and even some UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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