5 Secrets to Cook Authentic Australian Lamb Recipes

rack of lamb dish

An Aussie meal without a serving of Australian lamb is a disappointing affair. The love for Australian lamb recipes among the different walks of people has made juicy lamb chops more of an authentic cultural deal.

You will probably be wondering what the secret is behind some of the best Aussie lamb recipes. If yes, then you are at the right place.

Here are some of the best-kept secrets that will help you cook mouth-watering authentic Aussie lamb dishes.

Choose the Right Australian Lamb Cut

What makes the lamb chops with pomegranate and red wine sauce taste heavenly? Besides the magic in the creator’s hands, the plethora of ingredients and the right amount of seasoning, a far more critical element decides the taste of a recipe – the lamb cut.

Rack and legs are an excellent choice for a classic Aussie roast. These are some of the best tender cuts of meat on a lamb, and they should naturally come up as the first choice while choosing a cut.

However, tougher cuts like shoulder and shank are the right elements for stewing and braising.

The Magic of Seasoning

Depending on the Australian lamb recipes you plan to make, the seasoning that you add to the dish will significantly vary. Australian lambs, mainly those from Flinders Islands, have a distinguished flavour, are juicy, and of superior quality.

Such lambs are flavourful enough on their own without much seasoning. However, when you pair Aussie lambs with strong-flavoured herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme, coriander, garlic, and mint, it will drastically elevate the authentic taste of the dish.

Seasoning Australian Lamb the Right Way

Once you have chosen the seasonings, it is now time to season the lamb the right way. Many Australian chefs’ secret to the perfect lamb recipe lies in the way they season it.

Firstly trim off the excess silver skin and fat in the meat. Then, chop the seasonings and herbs and rub them over the meat’s service evenly. Ensure to wrap the seasoned meat in a plastic wrap tightly and leave it in the refrigerator for a night.

Keep a Check on Time and Temperature

Cooking the Aussie lamb at the perfect temperature and time adds to the flavours of the dish. Even a slight variance in the temperature can cause the lamb to become tough and dried out, and the same goes for leaving it in the oven for a long time.

If you are cooking leaner cuts, heat the oven to higher temperatures like 450 degrees F and 350 degrees F. For fatter cuts of Aussie lambs, bring down the temperature to 325 degrees F.

You can roast a rare lamb at 110 degrees F, a medium-rare at 120 degrees F, and a medium-well at 145 degrees F.

Always Rest the Roast

Be it a saltgrass lamb or a Flinders Island lamb you are cooking, it is essential to rest the roast for a few minutes before slicing it.

Once you remove it from the oven, let it rest for a good 15 to 20 minutes to allow the essence to flow to the centre. The Aussie lamb meat, which is well-rested, tastes more authentic, tender, and juicy.

Now that the secrets are out in the open, use it wisely and roast the juiciest Aussie lamb cuts for your family. If you have run out of ideas, look for suggestions online and experiment with new Australian lamb recipes.