5 Ways to Save Big While Buying Doors

interior door windows

The cost of new doors can soon add up, especially if every door is being replaced. Then there’s added costs of accessories and a joiner if you can’t fit the doors yourself.

Make a budget and stick to it.

If you need a joiner, research average prices beforehand and include this in the door budget. Buying internal doors online makes sticking to a budget easier. Comparing prices of everything you need for each door is much simpler without a salesperson breathing down your neck and trying to sell you features you may not need. It also makes buying the features you do need easier with a few clicks of a button.

Update accessories at the same time.

Not only does this save on stress further down the line, but it saves a lot of money. Doorframes withstand a lot of wear and tear over the years. If they’re cracked or crack soon after installing the new door, the door itself will need to come down to replace the frame. If you can’t fit the doors yourself, you’ll need to hire a joiner to do it. Having a joiner out once saves more money than having a joiner come out each time a doorframe needs replacing. Door hinges and handles should also be replaced at the same time. The old ones won’t be fully functional and can be difficult and even damage the door if they need replacing during the door’s lifetime.

Buy high-quality doors.

Not all doors are created equal. Inferior doors will crack and warp needing replacing sooner. Low-quality doors do not provide safety and security and can be outright dangerous in the event of a fire. They also let heat out, adding to the energy bills.

Make sure the door ordered is going to fit.

A poorly fitted door defeats the purpose. If fitting multiple doors, do not assume each doorway is the same size. It may seem like a bit of extra work, but it will save both time and money, in the long run, to properly measure each doorway before placing the order. If there’s already a perfectly fitted door in good condition, measure the door. If there isn’t a door or a badly fitted door, measure the doorframe across the top, middle and bottom. The width may not be the same the entire way down. Then take three millimetres away from the number. Normal doors are usually 35 millimetres in width with fire doors 45 millimetres.

Look for sales.

A door being on sale does not affect the overall quality. Sales are a good way to get high-quality internal doors for budget door prices and save even more money because they won’t require replacing as frequently. Check the sales first because that perfect door you have in mind maybe there.

Saving money on interior doors does not mean you have to sacrifice quality or long-term efficiency.