8th Annual St. Barth Hamptons Gala

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On Saturday, July 20th, Charlotte McKinney hosted the 8th Annual St. Barth Hamptons Gala presented by Social Life and Escada. The sparkling event took place at the Bridgehampton Historical Museum, and a portion of the proceeds benefitted the museum.

Over 700 guests gathered and enjoyed gourmet hors d’oeuvres, champagne and specialty cocktails by Lessings. Revelers danced the night away to the upbeat sounds of DJ Lee Kalt, and perused and bid on the exciting items in the Go Charity silent auction. The venue was beautifully set up, under white tents with couches and tables as well as artwork on display. As it got darker, the gala also had colorful lights beneath the tent, creating a fun environment.

Escada Models st barth gala hamptons
Escada Models

Attendees included Dr. Stephen Greenberg, Dr. Shawn Sadri, Martin Pepa and his wife Paige, Nicole Noonan, Tatum Peacock, and Janel Tanna.

At the St. Barth Hamptons Gala, there was an open bar with champagne and special cocktails, along with hors d’oeuvres for everyone to enjoy. All of the guests were socializing, taking photos, and dancing the night away. The music was perfect for the event, the venue was breathtaking, and the atmosphere was unbeatable. It was such an energetic crowd, making the gala more enjoyable. Everyone was a huge fan of the open bar, and many gathered there to hang out and chat throughout the night. The hors d’oeurves were delicious, especially the dessert!

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Devorah Rose and Charlotte McKinney // Photo Credit: Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com

The event was presented by Escada who showcased their newest collection on models who were elevated on risers throughout the event. It was sponsored by Social Life, Diageo, Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, Kimimi Swimwear, Crown of Light, and Go Charity.

Coming of age in the era of social media and reality TV, Charlotte McKinney is among a generation known for their chameleonic ability to adapt and reinvent to remain relevant and cutting-edge. In her cover story, Charlotte talks with Social Life about her love of the Hamptons, her favorite beauty treatments, modeling versus acting, her philanthropic passions, and more.