A Brief Food and Drink Guide in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda breakfast

If you choose to visit Antigua and Barbuda, each day will be fulfilled with unprecedented tranquility, rich history and a little bit of mystery. Yet, if you stay at a private home set on the coast of one of Antigua’s 365 pristine beaches, your experience will be a pride of place, and unlike any other.

At my father-in-law’s home, The Gordon House, a typical breakfast comprises of scrambled eggs, plantains, toasted bread with guava and pineapple jelly, and fruit such as bananas, watermelon, mango, grapefruit, grapes, and cantaloupe. Substitutes may include sliced avocado, oatmeal with raw cane sugar or honey, or cheddar cheese. The plantains always dominate my morning plate; their texture is brilliant: soft interior, and a crunchy exterior like the shell of crème brûlée.

Lunch may be baked chicken with lots of exotic spices, salad with cut up peppers and carrots, and spaghetti with olive oil and garlic. Chicken is very inexpensive in Antigua, at a price of around $3 USD (about $7.60 XCD) for a package of five to six chicken breasts. The chicken pairs well with mango sauce, banana “ketchup” or Suzie’s Hot Sauce. For dinner, duck, grilled fish or lamb is frequently enjoyed at dinner with the same sides.  Think minimalistic but hearty dishes, and very healthy. I am energized and rejuvenated after each meal when I am in the islands. I typically lose one to two pounds as I am so active. The combination of the sun, white sand, and plenty of water is better than any spa treatment you could receive.

When we visit restaurants such as Harmony Hall on the Atlantic coast or Curtain Bluff set overlooking the Caribbean Sea, meals are also flavorful, and memorable. At Harmony Hall, for example, I recently had their Pork Belly with squash, and for dessert, we split the triple chocolate mousse cake with pistachio crème.

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