A Food Survey


Do you remember those surveys you used to fill out in your teens just for fun? Those silly questions you had to write the perfect answer for, an answer that would make your readers laugh, and give them little tidbits of information that even your closest friends may not know about you. As per request from some readers, and just for fun, I put together a survey about all things food. If you fancy completing this survey yourself, feel free to copy and paste the questions into your own blog. You are also more than welcome to share the link to that post by posting a comment.

Of course, don’t be surprised if you get hungry reading this survey. Go ahead, grab your favorite, indulgent meal, and sip that favorite beverage of yours languorously.

1. Your picnic lunch would consist of:

Finger sandwiches, croissants, blueberry crisp pie, lemonade, peaches, watermelon, corn on the cob, and cold pasta salad.

2. Your favorite snacks at the beach are:

 A large bunch of red grapes, a Boursin cheese and cracker plate, Halsey Farm pickles, unsweetened iced tea, watermelon juice, carrots, and cucumbers.

3. Favorite street food?

Crepes and kebabs (UK)

4. Favorite food destination? Oxford in the United Kingdom.

You will find many of your favorite restaurants and food trucks to appease your culinary appetite. It was here that I tasted the best sticky toffee pudding, the best fish and chips, the best Indian curry, cookie, French baguette sandwich, and stuffed peppers ever. You can’t beat that!

5. What is your favorite type of sushi?

The Garuda roll at Sen in Sag Harbor or a spicy tuna roll, with crab and avocado

6. What grocery aisle do you spend the most time in?

The cheese section or the spice rack. I always love experimenting with and discovering new spice blends.

7. Your favorite baking ingredients?

Pumpkin spice, chocolate chunks, and ginger

8. Your favorite food to cook at home?

Almost any type of bread (this week I am making a pumpkin spice loaf), stuffed peppers, lasagna, and chicken curry .

Vanessa Gordon - East End Taste

9. What is your favorite dish in each food culture: French, Italian, Japanese, English, American, Chinese, German, Swedish, Mexican, and Indian?

French- fondue or strawberry tart

Italian- peppers and sausage, chicken parmigiana

Japanese- yellowfin tuna sashimi, the sweetheart roll- spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, and avocado wrapped in raw tuna

English- high tea, and a traditional Cornish Pasty

American- turkey dinner

Chinese- dim sum

German- sauerbraten and Bavarian cream cake

Swedish- meatballs

Mexican- horchata blanca (white rice drink)

Indian- chicken curry and a mango lassi

10. Favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner food?

Breakfast- English breakfast or waffles with earl grey tea

Lunch- pears, split pea soup, and a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich

Dinner- almost any salmon dish, with spinach

11. The pizza you generally order is?

Plain cheese, or if I choose a topping- fresh tomato and basil

12. Favorite childhood food?

Campfire sundae- brownie, with cookie dough ice cream, yellow, and red sprinkles, pretzel and marshmallow peices, and of course- s’mores!


13. Your traditional Thanksgiving meal consists of:

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry, green bean casserole, large salad, sweet potatoes (with marshamllows), asparagus, fresh biscuits, apple crisp/pumpkin pie

14. Top three food destinations you would like to visit?

London (again), Berlin, and Bologna

15. Your favorite cookie?

Chocolate chunk, freshly baked



16. Favorite pie?

Blueberry crisp or chocolate creme

17. Favorite sundae?

Reese’s Pieces Sundae

18. Favorite snack at the movies?

Swedish fish

19. What are three meals/dishes you are cooking this week?

Chicken, peppers and rice stir fry, rice pudding, and tacos

20. Your favorite dessert?

Chocolate mousse (with hot chocolate)


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