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I had been wanting to visit c/o the Maidstone for Afternoon Tea since last year. Fortunately, I made it early on in the season and intend to visit once a month for this heavenly offering that is only offered on weekends. I understand that last year, Afternoon Tea was only offered during select afternoon hours on the weekend. Now, it has been added to their brunch menu on the weekends.

My family and I visited this past Saturday at 12:30pm and requested the same table we sat in for Mother’s Day. It is a circular table just as you enter the garden area on the left-hand side. There is also a similar four-person table on the right-hand side which is a bit more shaded and private. What I like about the table we sit in is that there is plenty of room for our stroller and room to walk around the table. We used that opportunity to take photos of everyone with baby Sarah. Sitting at the outdoor tables is like being in an elegant country garden or your backyard patio. It is intimate, peaceful and quiet with plenty of fresh air. Plus, you may enjoy your brunch at your leisure for up to two hours or more.

One of our party members ordered their Bloody Mary, which they immediately commented by saying it was “just perfect.” I had their Ceylon tea which paired very well with the Afternoon Tea I ordered. The dishes that were ordered in our party were their Swedish Pancakes, Eggs Benedict, and the Hanger Steak Sandwich. The steak sandwich is not really a sandwich per se, rather it is a half sandwich with the hanger steak on a slice of lightly toasted sourdough bread served with a side salad and a side of harissa aioli. Harissa aioli is made from a hot chili pepper paste made with roasted red peppers with the added traditional ingredients of egg yolks, garlic and vegetable oil. This one looked to be mayo-based. The way the served it was perfect. It would be too much served as a traditional sandwich.

The Eggs Benedict was spot on. Though $21 is significantly pricey, it was very tasty. With this restaurant, you know the quality is going to be way above average. You could have it with either Canadian bacon or gravlax (smoked salmon). I heard the Swedish Pancakes, which are served with fresh whipped cream, Lingonberry jam and Vermont Maple syrup, were incredible, and they certainly were! Just know that the portion size is not so satisfying on its own. The party member who ordered that wound up having some of my scones and finger sandwiches because I wouldn’t have been able to finish everything anyway, so it worked out well! Perhaps you could order a side of eggs or fruit with the pancakes.

The Afternoon Tea was unbelievable! It is lovingly prepared with warm scones, cookies, a small taste of chocolate cake, traditional finger sandwiches including egg salad, gravlax, and cucumber and onion (six slices in total/two of each), fresh blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, with clotted cream, Lingonberry jam, and orange curd. I didn’t realize it was orange until I read the menu later, I could have sworn it was lemon curd. I ended up eating some of the curd separately after I was all finished. It would have paired excellently with the scones! My favorite sandwich was the egg salad. The best part was that little bit of round chocolate cake made with rolled oats. The pot of tea comes with it. I can’t wait to enjoy this again!

I must make a note of how friendly and cordial the hostess was and the entire staff of c/o the Maidstone. They are always so professional and attentive.

Their afternoon tea and brunch combo is available from 11am-3pm Saturdays and Sundays. Read their brunch menu here.


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