Drink It Tuesday: Aldo’s Coffee

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I had been a patron of Aldo’s ground coffee for at least a year now after discovering his ground coffee for sale on the North Fork. I remember purchasing my first bag of ground coffee, holding it on my lap on the ride home and the invigorating scent of the freshest coffee snuggling up against me. It was such a comforting yet revitalizing feeling. I knew then that once I arrived back in the Hamptons, that I would taste the best cup of coffee on Long Island. I have since gifted his coffee to friends and family and they always ask me for more if I come across a shop that sells his coffee.

Upon visiting Aldo’s quintessential coffee shop in Greenport on Front Street, just steps from the harbor, I knew I walked in to something very special. As you enter, you could even see the beans roasting in house! That is a characteristic of a true, down to earth coffee shop. All great coffee here and no bologna. You know instantly that you are about to taste an exceptional cup of coffee.

Aldo’s coffee

They don’t do cold brewed coffee but their iced coffee ($4) is the real deal nonetheless. I also purchased two bags of the Sumatra Gayo Supreme coffee at $16 a bag to bring home. Aldo also has traditional coffee beverages such as espressos, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. I have heard he is also known for is scones, which sound like the perfect companion to his coffee.

Don’t be surprised on your visit to Greenport if you make multiple stops to Aldo’s. Each time I visit Greenport, I will be sure to stop in for the ultimate, Italian experience. It is as good as it gets right here!



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