An Interview with Executive Chef Savannah Jordan of Ruschmeyer’s


Meet Savannah Jordan, the Executive Chef at Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk. A Culinary Institute of America graduate, Chef Jordan stayed at CIA for an extra year as a TA in the meat and fish kitchens to work in the institute’s restaurants. During her year as a TA, she worked with a legendary chef and did fish fabrication. Afterward working as a Chef at Le Bernardin in Manhattan, she went to work at Mary’s Fish Camp in the city, where she held her first Executive Chef position. She was also a chef  at Eugene & Co in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn.

This is Chef Jordan’s first time in Montauk. She was originally introduced to the owner of Chelsea Hotels, and has been out here since mid May. “Montauk is a very special place and so is Ruschmeyer’s, we grow and learn together, it feels like summer camp. Everyone identifies with one another,” explains Jordan. “I got to know a lot of the farmers and fisherman. [In particular,] I work closely with Bhumi Farms in East Hampton; farmer Frank is a doll.”

Chef Savannah Jordan

Ruschmeyer’s first introduced Tuesday’s #BurgerNight last year. “It is a fun way to collaborate with other chefs. It is a window back to the city, they come out and they are grinding, working together,” says Jordan. “I had never heard of it done out in the Hamptons before.”

Favorite burger from this summer’s #BurgerNight is the Emmy Burger. “I go to the restaurant, Emily, all the time. This summer, we did a collaboration with Harlem Shake, where they created a double patty.” A ‘boozy’ milkshake of the night pairs with burgers.

“The lobster roll is the best in Montauk. We have the whole experience here, a lot of outdoor games such as hula hoops; the space is geared towards summer in the Hamptons and in Montauk.”

The totem poll in the front yard stood out upon entering the property. “There was a tree out in front that was dying, so a guy showed up with a chainsaw and he created artwork from the dying trunk,” says Jordan. It is a popular photo spot for guests! “We want people to have fun on vacation.

Hotel guests have a breakfast bar with frittatas, avocado toast, sweet pastries, a yogurt bar with fresh berries, coffee, tea, and more.

Ruschmeyer’s closes after Labor Day for the season.

Photos courtesy of Ruschmeyer’s // 631-668-2877