An Interview with Greg Grossman

Greg Grossman

If you have not stopped by Georgica Restaurant and Lounge in East Hampton, then you are missing out! To make the most out of your summer in the Hamptons, you must experience the delicious cuisine at Georgica, brought to you by the extremely talented Culinary Director, Greg Grossman. How about their tempting Watermelon Salad, their mouthwatering East Coast Halibut, and enjoying their chocolate pot de crème to seal the deal with something sweet and indulgent? That is what I intend to have on my next visit. I will keep you posted!

Below you will find an exclusive interview with this one-of-a-kind individual that certainly does know his way around the kitchen. He began working and gaining a knowledge of food and cooking before he began grade school and has grown to be a master at what he loves to do.

1. Before you start your day in the kitchen, how do you (mentally) prepare?

Over the last few weeks, there really hasn’t been a “Before” work period! I wish I could say something inspiring like Yoga, Jogging on the beach, or meditation, but in actuality it has been preparation at the restaurant, back of house organization, ordering, and working with our staff.

2. What is your favorite dish you created? What is your favorite dish to cook/prepare?

The dish that we are putting out that seems to be a big favorite so far is our Crispy Oyster appetizer. It is essentially a battered and fried bluepoint oyster, served with a black truffle marmalade and a warm “potato chip” mousse on top. It has been very well received and I personally love it. I could eat it every day!

3. Who is your favorite chef and why?

I can’t really say that I have a “Favorite” chef, as I think that would be defining a mix of all the amazing qualities that I look up to in fantastic chefs.

4. What is your favorite dish to make at home?

Over the past few months, I really haven’t been cooking at home, as I simply haven’t been at home at any acceptable time to cook a meal!  But I love to take home food from Georgica – I’m always bringing home the Yellowtail Tuna Ceviche. It’s delicious and light, with celery, daikon, oranges and chive oil. It’s the perfect summer dish.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What do you enjoy most about the Hamptons?

I love the Hamptons, and spent a portion of my childhood out here. On days off I have been spending time on the water as much as possible out here, because in NYC I really don’t have an opportunity to do so. In my time off from Georgica I have been back in NYC working, so there hasn’t been much “free time” lately!

6. What particular local ingredient do you most often incorporate into your dishes?

We have been working a lot of fantastic local ingredients into our menu this season. From a wonderful tomato and watermelon salad, to our raw bar, which uses all unbelievably fresh local oysters, clams and lobsters, and our sushi menu features fresh scallops brought in daily from the long island sound, fresh fluke, and we have a really fabulous roasted corn appetizer that I love. So, there’s not one particular ingredient, but many local, delicious offerings that I’ve incorporated throughout the menu.

7. How has the experience of working at Georgica been thus far?

Its been amazing. The family and team that has been built here over the last 5 years is really wonderful. Antonio has an amazing group of people working with him, and we have brought in some really great people on the kitchen side for this 6th season, including Matthew Fisher Redington, who is heading up the kitchen with me. I’m looking forward to a great rest of the summer.

8. Have you considered writing a cookbook?

It’s funny, I was actually approached a few times asking the same thing a few years ago. While it is something that I would truly love to do at some point in the future, I think the next several years will drastically change my food, and me as a person, and I would like to wait until I will be able to put out a book that reflects those experiences that I will have gone through as a chef.

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