An Interview with Michele and Alex of Salon 21

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Mother-daughter duo Michele and Alex Bass have joined creative forces to launch Salon 21, which is hosting several events over Labor Day weekend including an on-trend Pizza Party Friday evening. They are both modernizing the 18th century art salons of Paris and turning it a space where creators and admirers can co-mingle and enjoy the space, located in Village of East Hampton across from the middle school.

Salon 21 East Hampton - East End Taste


Describe your background and how the concepts came about.

Michele: My background consists of 30 years in the costume jewelry business. I was the owner of a large wholesale jewelry company in charge of all design and production for larger retailers. I have been inspired to cook and bake my entire life due to my Italian heritage and love for all things food-related. The concept for our business came about from Alex’s desire to shed light on the work of young, new artists in conjunction with a space to hang out, talk, connect and host events. We agreed that food needed to be part of the concept because it is the key to any social event.

Alex: We decided to bring both of our passions together, and labeled them separately but with the same “21” to unify them. My background both academically and professionally is in the arts and business. I have worked for several young entrepreneurs as well as the mainstays of the art world such as museums, galleries, and auction houses. My motivation with Salon 21 was to present art in a more fun and accessible way, and support emerging artists who we believe in.


Salon 21 East Hampton


I love your lineup of events for Labor Day weekend! Will we see similar events in NYC this fall?

The events we had this summer are a little more season-specific, but we would love to continue partnering with the companies we featured in our space this summer. We plan on having more art-based events as well such as our ‘Artist Talks’.

Describe the confections you have created for Mix 21.

Michele: The cookies I have created are modern versions of Italian biscotti family recipes that are both aesthetically inspiring and delicious. I used to paint and draw, and baking has become my way of creatively expressing myself. This is just a small sampling of what I like to make. We wanted to keep the offerings finite at first, and expand later on.

Salon 21 East Hampton - East End Taste


What are your plans for the fall?

Our plans for the fall consist of getting a space in NYC to hold invitation-only events centered around food and art. We want to create a space that represents our design aesthetic, while showing special artists and their work and serving food, wine and dessert.

Will we see you in the Hamptons again next summer?

We would love to bring our concept back to the Hamptons next summer with a business model similar to the one we are going forward with this fall. We would love to partner with more local businesses as well to really engage with the community out east.

*Photos courtesy of Abby Nierman Photography, BFA / Salon 21


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