An Interview with Reena Mathur of ReeMat Designs


Meet Reena Mathur, Founder of ReeMat Designs based on both the east and west coasts. A Civil Engineering graduate from Stanford University, Reena has creates one-of-a-kind statement jewelry pieces that evoke a fusion of culture and bold designs.

Below, Reena shares her styling tips for the upcoming autumn season, the details and inspiration behind her unique jewelry collections (including one collection with pieces crafted from recycled paper), and all about her journey with creating ReeMat Designs.

reemat designs recycled paper necklace

Tell us about your favorite aspects of the design process. What makes each piece so unique?

My favorite thing about the design process is the opportunity to collaborate with amazing artists all across the globe to create beautiful, unique designs.

What are some unique styling tips for the late summer/early fall?

The beauty of accessories is that they are timeless. Go simple with the clothes and accessorize with a piece of statement jewelry to create that wow look all year round.

Which are your favorite pieces? Where/for which occasion do you love to wear them most?

I absolutely love our Paper Collection; meticulously crafted out of recycled paper and strung with gorgeous crystals, each piece can be dressed-up or down for every part of my day.

Describe your bridal collection and what you most look forward to about styling brides for their weddings.

ReeMat Designs’ Bridal Collection is specifically designed to ensure that each bride’s wedding is a day she (and everyone else) will remember and treasure forever. When styling a bride-to-be, I feel honored that they value my design aesthetic and I most enjoy that one-on-one time we have to perfect her look for one of the most important days of her life. We work with brides from all over the world.

reemat designs necklace

Share some of your recent custom designs and the inspiration behind them. Describe the process of creating these pieces.

Recently a customer purchased a necklace-earring set and wanted to change the design of the earrings. I had my assistant adjust the earrings and design and make a completely new necklace for the customer, right in our New Jersey studio. She took inspiration from the original set and combined them with her own design aesthetic. This is a perfect example of why I love what I do: collaborate with so many people and make the world more stylish with each new design.

In addition to your website, where else can people shop ReeMat Jewelry?

The best place to see our jewelry is our Instagram page, ReeMatDesigns_. We upload new pieces every day! We are available for face time appointments and in studio appointments for those wishing to see the entire collection.

Handcrafted statement jewelry expert! Tell us a bit more about the Reena behind ReeMat Designs!

I come from a family of engineers and was raised in Mumbai. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Bombay University and later moved to California to pursue a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering at Stanford University. My husband was studying at U. C. Berkeley at the same time I was at Stanford. Fate or coincidence, our paths crossed, and despite attending rival schools, we were soon married.

After working in the Bay Area for several years, my husband and I moved to the East Coast where I worked on various construction projects for the city of New York. Priorities soon changed when I had my two wonderful children and mommy mode took over. In addition to our two kids, building our new home became a full-time project and our “third baby.” I also involved myself with various charities.

Growing up in the 80’s in India, career choices were pretty clear – if you were academically bright, you either became a doctor or an engineer. So, I finally decided to break the mold and in between being a full-time mom, I started creating and curating custom statement jewelry pieces for myself, working with friends in India. It was something creative and very satisfying. Soon, I found myself designing and curating jewelry for friends and family and their support led me to launch ReeMat Designs in 2015.

This journey has resulted into some amazing friendships with women entrepreneurs who have taught me so much and who have celebrated me and my little successes very step of the way.

What would you say is your favorite thing about Handcrafted jewelry and why? What do you enjoy most about it?

My favorite thing about handcrafted jewelry is the wide diversity that it allows in designs. Since the pieces are handcrafted there is a lot of freedom in crafting various designs. It also gives me an opportunity to work with some amazing artists all across the globe. What I enjoy most is meeting and learning from so many interesting people from all walks of life and learning so much from all of them.

reemat designs reena mathur - East End Taste

When was ReeMat Designs established and what motivated you towards handcrafted jewelry?

ReeMat was establish in August of 2015. I have always enjoyed handcrafted jewelry, so with the support of my friends and family, I turned my passion into a career.

Could you explain the inspiration behind the statement jewelry and the materials you usually use?

Our statement jewelry pieces are handcrafted by artisans in India and designed or curated by ReeMat Designs. These works of art are crafted using various materials including pearls, Indian gemstones, and even recycled paper! Each piece is meticulously designed and has a “fusion
twist” to it, combining contemporary with classic. Our mantra is “Jewelry with a Cause,” so we donate to charitable causes.

Our various collections include:

1) The Legacy: Inspired by traditional heirloom pieces, our workshops in India will customize handcrafted treasures for you.
2) The Stone: A stunning collection, shaped by the stones and minerals sourced and artfully handcrafted in the deserts of Rajasthan.
3) The Paper: Color your dreams with this unbelievable collection painstakingly crafted out of beautiful pieces of recycled paper and strung with gorgeous crystals or beads. This collection is a favorite amongst models and celebrities worldwide.
4) The Weave: Artists use fine brass plates and intricate embroidery to create super light handcrafted art that should not be missed.
5) The Glamour: Dedicated to the colors and vibrant streets of India, this collection is an array of designs ranging from classic pearl necklaces to contemporary pearl lariats and scarfs.

Our collections are for anyone who wants a unique and bold statement piece.

What do you think makes ReeMat Designs unique as it combines Eastern and Western worlds?

What makes ReeMat Designs unique is we try hard to make sure our designs work well with the current global melting pot that we live in. A lot of our designs are versatile enough to be worn from day-to-evening. The statement Legacy pieces are crafted keeping the modern bride in mind. There is something for everyone in our diverse collections and that’s what makes us unique.

What would you hope to achieve over the next 3 years with ReeMat designs?

Our journey and growth has been truly organic and I hope to continue the same way with ReeMat Designs making each and every ReeMat fan a fan for life!

A message for the aspiring women entrepreneurs. “Follow your dreams…it’s never too late,” and “Enjoy what you do….no matter what the outcome.”

Find ReeMat Designs on social media on Instagram @reematdesigns_ and on Facebook @Reematdesigns. For more information, please email

Photography credits: Solid Rock Photography, Emron Ah Photography, Natalie Lall, and Jacqueline Whitney.