Anthony Bourdain Breakfast and Conversation at the Guild Hall


Anthony Bourdain was sold out this past Sunday, as part of the Stirring the Pot: Conversations with Culinary Celebrities, at the Guild Hall in East Hampton. He was the honorary guest, along with acclaimed New York Times food critic, Florence Fabricant, who mingled with guests at the intimate, continental breakfast held in the Minikes Garden and in the Green Room. After the breakfast, it was followed by an hour long conversation, then a book signing for his latest book, Medium Raw ($15). For all of you cooking buffs out on the east end, these events are not to miss!

I was very impressed with the breakfast and would say it is well worth it to pay the extra $60 for it. East Hampton Gourmet Food catered the breakfast that started at 10am this past Sunday. They will also be catering the two future culinary chef series breakfasts, including Martha Stewart on Sunday, August 17th, and Daniel Boulud on Sunday, August 31st, both beginning at 10am. For more information and to purchase tickets for both events, please click here or call 631-324-4050.

I will continue to rave about this breakfast, everything was so beautifully prepared, fresh, and oh so scrumptious. On the menu for the morning, as per the photos above, were mini jumbo lump Maryland crab cakes, stone ground wholewheat date scones, local smoked bluefish plate and white bean puree dip serve with their award-winning lentil rice crispbread, and raspberry rosewater meringue cake. If I were to have to pick a favorite, it would be the meringue cake! This catering company surpassed my expectations and would highly recommend them for a catered breakfast at your home. Your guests will undoubtedly be impressed. You must stop in one day; they are located just behind Elements Fitness Studio and Erika Bloom Pilates and to the right of the East Hampton Middle School. The gentleman and lady that work there are super friendly and would gladly help you with your next event.

My husband, my daughter, and I are looking forward to this coming Sunday’s breakfast and culinary conversation. I have been a reader of Martha Stewart Living as well as her plethora of cookbooks and how-to garden books for over a decade. I remember watching Martha’s show that was aired from her home in either East Hampton or Connecticut about fifteen years ago. I loved the recipes she featured and the down-to-earth, homemade style show was so relaxing to watch. I miss that and Martha, if you are reading, I hope one day you bring it back one day! She, like French chef and restauranteur Daniel Boulud, will also be doing a book signing. Books will be available for purchase that morning.

In addition, Drink Bai was also there handing out their refreshing beverages and even had an area set up in the front so guests could leave with Bai5 in hand, Nespresso was serving their coffee drinks, and Ciuffo Cabinetry were generously handing out pot holders.

Next week, I will share additional photos from the Martha Stewart event!


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