Aromatherapy On the Go with MONQ

MONQ aromatherapy focus

This is a sponsored article on behalf of MONQ. All opinions and content are my own.

Essential oils are a centerpiece in my wellness routine. I first started using essential oils almost eight years ago just before I got married. I would visit boutique shops in the West Village of Manhattan and spend almost an hour in each shop speaking with the owner, learning about, and trying the variety of oils. I have since integrating essential oils into my daily routine and in fact, my entire family, including my children, use them on a regular basis.

I recently learned about MONQ and I am so glad I did. MONQ is a company that has created personal essential diffuser. Super simple: choose a blend, breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose, creating an easy, on the go way to experience aromatherapy.

MONQ fits perfectly into my lifestyle since I am and will be traveling on a regular basis for the foreseeable future, and am seemingly always on the go. I love the sleek, secure, and refined packing of their FOCUS blend. Additional blends available include but are not limited to ocean, vibrant, sleepy, and zen. FOCUS includes essential oils from five continents including black pepper, caraway, cinnamon leaf, coffee, ginger, juniper berry, red grapefruit, and others.

Two ideal characteristics that I personally love is that the Blend POD is rechargeable (can be recharged via your laptop, for example), and that it is easily portable, easily fitting into my pocket or handbag.

I noticed a difference in my ability to concentrate within minutes. I felt centered, less distracted, and had the drive to complete a task, such as finishing a draft article or copyediting, without having that need to start another task. I am one who usually loves to multitask but find that I could get so caught up in so many different projects that my focus becomes limited. FOCUS is a real game changer.

MONQ is easy to use, and most importantly, safe. Learn more about safety and usage information via their FAQ page. The Blend PODS are also environmentally friendly as they are recyclable. Once you are done with your product, MONQ offers a free shipping label to print and send your used diffusers to them.

The flip case pods, exactly as the one that I own, last for nearly approximately 600 breaths, or 200 breaths per essential diffuser pod.

Now it is your turn to try MONQ for yourself. I look forward to learning your takeaways and which blends are your favorite. I would love to try their Ocean and Vibrant blends and diffusers, which are currently on sale for $69/each.