Shoppers and their behavior: Cultural grocery delivery outlets and ethnic aisles

It is believed that the only way to truly understand a country is to meet its people, visit its locations, and consume their food. Immigrants and anyone yearning for different cuisines can now shop for such delicacies at cultural grocery delivery stores.

Let’s say you have close friends who don’t live in your city and have come over for dinner. Naturally, you want to cook some of their lovely dishes for them and make them feel at home.

People can sit and purchase their exotic cuisine online and have it delivered the same day, thanks to the convenience of these cultural grocery delivery stores.

You can now choose traditional delicacies and local gourmet stores from a single platform and place your order right away.

Food patterns and customer behavior have changed dramatically as a result of immigration and cultural shifts from one location to the next. As a result, consumers have flocked to supermarkets and food marts and online grocery delivery services that sell cultural groceries.

Apart from immigrants purchasing foods for their families from local gourmets, people are increasingly leaning toward less processed tin-can meals.

We were left with a mess when Covid attacked in 2020. Regular jobs and meals had worn us out. Buyers’ food purchase data revealed that people were spending the majority of their time in the cultural grocery delivery section and buying traditional culinary ingredients at the time.

Italian, Mexican, and Indian cuisines are only a few examples. People began to place a greater emphasis on eating healthier, home-cooked meals and experiencing different cuisines. They needed a completely distinct set of ingredients for this.

People are shifting their food choices to healthier cuisines, such as Greek cuisines and vegan dishes, as they are more healthy cuisines. Ever since the pandemic, diet and healthy eating have become even more pronounced.

The switchover from easily available processed food to a lengthy food-making process appears to be nutritious and less expensive in general; fresh salmon, Italian greens, dried herbs for tea, kimchis, and kombuchas, Japanese yams, so on and so forth.

Today, small and local gourmet businesses are popping up in online cultural grocery delivery stores, offering multicultural buyers and individuals a one-stop food shop solution.

People have started to enjoy the entire buying experience because of the variety and dynamic choices available in the food selection area.

Can the cosmopolitan skincare sector be compared to cultural grocery delivery stores? We see skincare products from many continents, such as South Asia and America, all over the place.

Many individuals are embracing global and ethnic skincare and cosmetic brands, which is owing to the multicultural shift or people using makeup and skincare out of simple curiosity and skin compatibility.

It’s all about the convenience and efficiency of cultural grocery delivery stores expanding their grocery selection. In addition, local gourmet stores that appear on these platforms make it easy for immigrant buyers to shop without worrying about getting the groceries they need.

Hamptons Fashion Week

Hamptons Fashion Week 2019 took place on main street in Bridgehampton, Sunday July 21st in the afternoon at the Bridgehampton Museum. The event showcased fashion, fashion designers, beauty products, entertainment, food and drinks. The designers showcased new brands and trends, some of which have never been seen before. Guests were greeted with music, white tents, colorful booths, and beach balls.

The booths represented Pura Vida Vitamins, Get Buzzn, BeautyPearlSkincare, Hampton Coffee, and Fedora Lounge. There were also complimentary vegan manicures from GHL Nails. Pura Vida Vitamins gave out free vitamin bags, and there were many booths with snacks and drinks for all of the guests to enjoy.

As the event went on, models showcased designer pieces for all to see. Some of the designers were Cesar Galinda, Hanh Merriman, Karnit Ahaoni, and Ellender. Some pieces were colorful and unique, and others were more casual and relaxed. The models stood next to a Ferrari and Maserati while showing off the designer pieces, both being auctioned off for the event.

Fashionistas sipped, strolled and shopped a plethora of luxe brands such as Get Buzzn, Michelle May New York, Dottie Bean Bags, Pura Vida Vitamins KVO Collection, J.Hilburn, Neelah Cashmere Scarves, Bobby Roache Eyewear, Crescala Showroom Guests will then Shop the Runway in exclusive pop up boutiques from KVO Collection, JHilburn, Neelah Cashmere Scarves, Venture Mom Handbags, Bobby Roache Eyewear, and Crescala Showroom.

An industry meet and greet with The Life’s a Beach Collection was a LIVE installation with Celebrity Designer Cesar Galindo including Kimora Lee Collection with runway models from Social-New York surrounding sleek white Ferrari’s at 3pm hosted by DCG Media Group which featured an array of colorful, flowy resort wear.

Sponsors included Pura Vida Vitamins, The Experience Auto Group, Rodney Strong Vineyards, Fedora Lounge, New York Beach House Catering Events, Poppin Patties, Beauty Pearl Care , Blow Bar and other lifestyle brands.

Images courtesy of Hamptons Fashion Week and Sarah Jannazzo

The fashion show was very enjoyable to watch and gave guests a look at the newest fashion trends. Proceeds went to The Ellen Hermanson Foundation, which supports breast cancer healthcare and those affected by breast cancer on the East End of Long Island.

8th Annual St. Barth Hamptons Gala

On Saturday, July 20th, Charlotte McKinney hosted the 8th Annual St. Barth Hamptons Gala presented by Social Life and Escada. The sparkling event took place at the Bridgehampton Historical Museum, and a portion of the proceeds benefitted the museum.

Over 700 guests gathered and enjoyed gourmet hors d’oeuvres, champagne and specialty cocktails by Lessings. Revelers danced the night away to the upbeat sounds of DJ Lee Kalt, and perused and bid on the exciting items in the Go Charity silent auction. The venue was beautifully set up, under white tents with couches and tables as well as artwork on display. As it got darker, the gala also had colorful lights beneath the tent, creating a fun environment.

Escada Models

Attendees included Dr. Stephen Greenberg, Dr. Shawn Sadri, Martin Pepa and his wife Paige, Nicole Noonan, Tatum Peacock, and Janel Tanna.

At the St. Barth Hamptons Gala, there was an open bar with champagne and special cocktails, along with hors d’oeuvres for everyone to enjoy. All of the guests were socializing, taking photos, and dancing the night away. The music was perfect for the event, the venue was breathtaking, and the atmosphere was unbeatable. It was such an energetic crowd, making the gala more enjoyable. Everyone was a huge fan of the open bar, and many gathered there to hang out and chat throughout the night. The hors d’oeurves were delicious, especially the dessert!

Devorah Rose and Charlotte McKinney // Photo Credit: Rob Rich/

The event was presented by Escada who showcased their newest collection on models who were elevated on risers throughout the event. It was sponsored by Social Life, Diageo, Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, Kimimi Swimwear, Crown of Light, and Go Charity.

Coming of age in the era of social media and reality TV, Charlotte McKinney is among a generation known for their chameleonic ability to adapt and reinvent to remain relevant and cutting-edge. In her cover story, Charlotte talks with Social Life about her love of the Hamptons, her favorite beauty treatments, modeling versus acting, her philanthropic passions, and more.

Polo Hamptons Match and Cocktail Party

The ‘Polo Hamptons Match and Cocktail Party’ was one for the books this year. The event was hosted by Christie Brinkley, an American model and face of July’s Social Life Magazine. The event took place in Bridgehampton, on Saturday, June 29th from 4-7:30pm in Bridgehampton. There were over 500 guests, an open bar, the polo match, hors ‘d’oeuvres by Elegant Affairs, upbeat music, and preferred seating. It was a very warm sunny day, which made it perfect weather for the party.

The ‘Polo Hamptons Match and Cocktail Party’ took place under tents which were beautifully decorated underneath. Everyone was dressed beautifully, showcasing bright colors and patterns. We all gathered to watch the match, whether we knew the game or not. Everyone was enjoying themselves, laughing, drinking, taking photos, and soaking in the beautiful venue. Christie Brinkley was showcasing her Bellissima Prosecco; an organic, vegan sparkling wine as well, which many seemed to enjoy. 

The venue was tastefully decorated, with plants, artwork, and flowers beneath the tent. There was plenty of space to mingle, dance, and enjoy the match. The music was fantastic and made the vibe more relaxed. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, which made it even more enjoyable. The weather was warm and sunny, making it a perfect day to spend in the Hamptons. Overall, the ‘Polo Hamptons Match and Cocktail Party’ by Social Life Magazine was one to remember.