Beginning the Journey of Motherhood


I became a mother on January 13 to my beautiful daughter, Sarah. During the past two and a half months, I have learned more than I ever have in my entire life. I am in awe of my baby Sarah and how much she has grown and learned right along side me. We have taught each other so much through this incredible bonding experience. Each day, I notice subtle changes, from learning how to make “cooing sounds” and grasping objects to smiling each moment my husband and I greet her in the morning. I enjoy walking her around her room and showing her the various toys, books and pictures, singing to her, and giving her photo-ops with her wearing her crochet hats, adorable onesies and cashmere booties. I have never felt so happy; she truly is a beautiful blessing.

I absorbed a lot of information about childcare when I was pregnant, though I felt much of what I needed to know came naturally with a few hidden surprises that were never taught to me. For example, I learned later on that you can never have too many burp cloths, stroller blankets or photo albums. I am old-fashioned where I prefer printing out my photos and displaying them in an album rather than in folders on my computer. In addition to the albums, I will be making a family scrapbook for Sarah that will include photos of all her relatives. As someone who always avoided the opportunity to hold a baby and someone who never babysat (besides my brother), I took to holding, feeding and caring for Sarah  very quickly. I was so proud of myself that I mastered swaddling within the first two weeks. We stopped swaddling Sarah within the first three weeks because she always preferred to have her hands out and feet exposed for movement. I will now use her swaddle blankets as stroller blankets in the summer and now use them for nursing.

My husband and I did not want to expose Sarah to the harsh winter weather we had been having, so we were very excited when we took her out in her carriage for the first time last month. Since then, I took her to the duck pond in East Hampton where my parents used to stroll me when we lived near there. I love visiting the duck pond and bringing cracked corn to feed to ducks and swans; I am overjoyed that Sarah has the same experiences that I had growing up on the east end. I’m looking forward to taking Sarah to the parks and out for strolls in the town more often as the weather gets warmer.

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest gifts in life. Sarah is getting so big and is very observant with her surroundings. I am so proud of her! I look forward to sharing my food stories with you throughout the coming months. I also look forward to sharing reviews about my dining experiences and new products, plus so much more to come.

xx Vanessa


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