Best things to do during a 2021 staycation

man hiking with backpack through woods

You probably spent the majority of 2020 inside your home. But, soon, work resumed, and you got right back to your old routine, but in pajamas. Some of you might have even returned to your office spaces or been asked to appear at your office a few days a week. But each time you leave your house, you must get yourself decked up in the best protective gear to safeguard yourself, your family and those around you. Though international travel has resumed, it is still rather unsafe and intimidating and not an easy option for everyone.

You still want to take a break from the daily grind, and a staycation might be your best option.

A staycation basically means a vacation that is not spent abroad. You could stay at an Airbnb nearby or just stay home. But, you do want to make these few days a bit different from how you spend your weekends at home.

Go on a hike

Remember that little hill you’ve seen while you drove down the road before but never got a chance to visit? Now is the time to go hiking with your family. Since it will be a weekday, you will encounter a smaller crowd, and even if you do see other hikers, steer away from them. Bring your masks and other necessary protective equipment alongside the right hiking gear. If the hike leads to a picturesque location, pack a picnic rug and a basket filled with your favourite snacks to enjoy a picnic together.

A movie night in your backyard

We’re sure you’ve spent many nights watching movies with your loved ones on your big screen TV. But, during your staycation, you can have a special or romantic night right in your backyard. Determine the area where the movie will be projected. You can choose a blank wall or a plain, light-coloured cloth that’s been hung up. Roll out some rugs, or set down a few comfortable chairs. Hang your favourite fairy lights all around your movie watching area to give it a magical feel. Finally, get your popcorn and snacks ready, grab your family, and settle down for a lovely night outdoors.

Recreate a casino experience at home

If you are someone who enjoys gambling at casinos, you must have felt disappointed for not being able to visit your favourite casinos anymore. By mid-2020, it became apparent that public spaces such as casinos that witness huge crowds were not safe anymore. During your staycation, you can grab your family and your laptops to set up makeshift slot machines where you all can play. There are hundreds of online casinos available today, and these online slot machines are explained here. You can spend several hours at these online gambling sites, celebrating each win and strategising. Many online casinos also provide live dealers if you are looking to better emulate the casino experience.

Have a family barbecue

A staycation is a great time to dust up your grill and skewers. Get your favourite organically sourced meats and vegetables, prepare some drool-worthy seasoning and get grilling. This a fun activity you can enjoy with your family, and it also results in a delicious dinner.

As an additional step, you could also have a little campfire in your backyard, make some s’mores and have the kids perform their various talents. Tell them stories about your childhood, sing your favourite family songs and just have a good time.

rv road trip camping summer

A staycation on an RV

If you love camping but want to do something different this time, rent an RV. You can tour the countryside and take turns driving the vehicle. You will have to make several stops at restaurants and stores, so be prepared for that. But, an RV staycation can be a great way to go on a trip without moving into a strange hotel. Take your RV to a beautiful location with a magnificent view and enjoy a fantastic morning waking up to dreamy surroundings right out of a movie.

Explore your town

If you are tired of sitting home, open Google, get in your car and drive to the nearest tourist locations. Being a resident of the town, you might have never found time to properly tour your area. This could be a great time to visit all the historical locations you have only heard about but never seen. Check beforehand to understand any restrictions or safety policies they may have put in place and always ensure proper social distancing when at these locations.

Summing up

A staycation is an excellent option if you want to take a break from your work but do not want to travel anywhere too far. Take a few days to stay home and plan out fun new activities everyone can enjoy together. Keep electronic devices, work and social media away for these few days and try to enjoy what is around you. A staycation can easily rejuvenate you and get your spirits back up before you rejoin your office.