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boa thai southampton

My husband and I had been talking about visiting Boa Thai in Southampton for several months. It is a bit out of the way for us, as it is located in North Sea, but it was worth traveling here for lunch. We have already visited twice in the past four days and we are now certain that this our new, and favorite, go-to restaurant for lunch for their lunch deals, and appetizing dishes.

We liked that when we arrived it was fairly quiet, with about two additional tables occupied, one outside, one inside. Though we loved the outdoor seating underneath the awning, we preferred to sit inside an chose the corner table, where we could situate our daughter’s stroller so it was accessible and not in anyone’s walking path. The decor inside is limited, but I really liked to simplicity, with hints of Thai culture and art behind or near the bar. When we were promptly given the menus. with the lunch special on the last page, I instantly noted how eye-catching the front page of the menu is.  It really got me excited for my upcoming meal.

boa thai southampton

I hadn’t had Thai food in over two years, and really missed some of my favorites such as Pad Thai, green curry, Thai coconut soup, and roti. To drink, my husband had a glass of chardonnay and I ordered their Thai iced tea. I haven’t had Thai iced tea in over four years, I loved it the first time I had it then, and again really enjoyed it. I ended up ordering two iced teas, which is something I rarely do when ordering drinks at a restaurant. I usually just order water with my meal. A drink has to memorable and quite good for me to order it. Thai iced tea is traditionally made with brewed red tea leaves, with added equal parts cream and condensed milk. Best served over a generous amount of ice, I can drink this iced tea all day.

My husband and I decided to split the roti, a dish I could never miss out on, which is an Indian flat-bread served with curry sauce, and sweet soy sauce ($8). The sweet soy sauce is drizzled on top of the flat-bread, which created a nice glaze of flavors and paired well with the curry sauce. I always save the extra curry sauce for my Pad Thai that I add by drizzling it over the noddles halfway through my meal. After the roti, our waitress graciously brought us two chicken fried wontons to try, a complimentary accompaniment to our meal.

boa thai southampton

For the lunch special, each $9.95, I chose to order the Pad Thai with chicken, and ordered the chicken soup with vegetables, and my husband ordered the red curry with the the salad, with jasmine rice. The salad comes with a peanut dressing that is out of this world. I had the salad with my same meal instead during our second visit. I loved the soup, it was very flavorful with hints of Indian spice, served at the perfect temperature. When our meals arrived, we made no hesitation to dig in. I first drizzle as much lime juice as I can squeeze out of the wedge, then mix the bamboo shoots and noddles all together. Everything was incredible, and we each finished both of our meals, feeling satisfied rather than stuffed, which is always a plus.

For our next visit, which certainly won’t be far off, I would like to try their Tom Ka Kai soup, which is chicken prepared is a special coconut soup that could be made spicy ($9). For dessert, their offerings include a homemade brownie, gelato flavors ($5 each) such as coconut, vanilla, mascarpone caramel, and green tea. Next time, I would consider trying the mascarpone caramel or the brownie. You could order them both together, a scoop of gelato and the brownie, for $10. We couldn’t fit any more food into our bellies during our first and second visit, maybe next time! Service was fantastic; our waitress was very sweet, and genuinely friendly. We are looking forward to our next visit.

Boa Thai-Asian Fusion is open seven days a week, including lunch that is served Wednesday through Sunday. Enjoy their lunch special from 11am-3pm. Dinner begins at 5pm nightly. They also offer delivery with a $7 surcharge. The four course prix fixe dinner menu ($24.95)  is dine-in only. For more information, please visit


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