Breakfast at Mill House Inn

mill house inn east hampton

I enjoyed an unforgettable, hearty, homemade breakfast at the Mill House Inn in East Hampton, located on North Main Street, tucked just behind the famous windmill. If you have never visited the Hamptons, I must recommend this charming, cozy inn to you. My husband and I took note of the beautifully manicured property, the generous amount of parking in the back, and the unbeatable convenience of how close they are to Newtown Lane Main Street corner in the East Hampton Village.

Upon entering the Inn, I met Courtney, who showed my husband and I, along with our Sarah, and we were graciously seated in the breakfast room that has about four tables with about four seats per table. There were two congenial women sitting at the table next to us; we ended up speaking with them for about twenty minutes or so. Sarah did well, my husband and I took turns strolling her outside, feeding her, until she went to sleep for the duration of our morning there. During our breakfast, I loved looking at the black and white photographs on the wall and the white and blue hydrangeas, and the porcelain bowls and pitchers lining the fireplace. I love those sentimental decorations that add such a lovely personal touch to the breakfast area.

mill house inn east hampton

We started our breakfast with black coffee, English breakfast tea, and freshly squeezed orange juice. There is nothing like fresh-squeezed orange juice in the morning! We were then served a fresh platter of fruit from pineapples and melon to blueberries and strawberries served with a side of Stony Field Farm yogurt and crunchy granola that was just a tad sweet. It was a lovely, colorful presentation, and such a perfect prelude to our main course.

For our meal, we ordered Sylvia’s egg nog brioche french toast to split, I ordered the Vermont Cabot creamery omelet made with aged cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, sweet onion, and tomatoes. The sweet onion balanced out very well with the other ingredients. I thought it was very smart to use sweet onions, and I love Cabot cheese! My husband ordered the chicken sausage and wild mushroom hash with sweet onion, Vermont goat cheese, and yukon gold potatoes. The hash was splendid! He loved it so much, and I just had to try some for myself. The french toast was perfectly made: each bite was impressively splendid. Lastly, we were served a side of lightly toasted English muffins with cream butter, and a selection of jarred jams.

mill house inn east hampton

Make sure you have a look at all my pictures above. As you could see, I took many! I was extremely impressed with the presentation and taste, I can’t stop thinking about. I want to go back again and again! You don’t know how lucky you are if you will be or are staying there now! The breakfast filled me up for the day; I was not hungry again until 7:30pm. We ate breakfast at 11am.

Sylvia and Gary Muller were so gracious and kind. It was so wonderful to meet them both. After breakfast, Gary came out and spoke with me for almost an hour about his history in the culinary business, the history of the inn, his travels, books on food, and more. I learned so much from him that I could write all day about what we discussed. He recommend some books to me, so what I will do is read them, and surprise you with some reviews later this month. One of the books that we discussed was “The Third Plate” by Dan Barber.

I learned from Gary that he started in the culinary business at a very young age (seven years old), and his family was also involved in the culinary world. They owned a farm on Long Island, for example. He owned a tavern farm in New Hampshire and owned a business in Jersey City and Manhattan back in the late 90’s. He and his wife (Sylvia) have owned the Inn since 1999. Gary is the head chef. Sylvia, I thought this was really cool, she was one the one who launched BBC in America (to then become BBC America).

mill house inn east hampton

About a half mile from the inn, there is what is called the “Graybarn Cottage,” a luxury rental house part of the inn that comes with the breakfast and all of the services of the Mill House Inn. This is truly a one-of-a-kind inn that is top rated in travel magazines for its exceptional hospitality and a Dan’s Best of the Best inn. This is a place that really cares for their customers, and it shows! “The [breakfast] menu was built from them [the customers]. It is for them and anything they would like, we would be more than happy to provide for them,” says chef Gary.

Last week, I featured the Mill House Inn in a pet-friendly hotel story I wrote for Hamptons Magazine. I love that this inn is dog-friendly, and in fact, they welcome them with “open arms.” As an animal lover, this makes me very happy. I have always thought every hotel in the Hamptons should be pet-friendly, but I do understand some business’ reasons.

The inn has everything you could ever ask for when experience home away from home in the Hamptons. You could have your own personal assistant and their is even a luxury cottage on site! You could also choose to have room service and enjoy breakfast and snacks in your room. Snacks, water, coffee, and tea, just as breakfast is, are complimentary and are located just next to the main desk.

For more information, and to make a reservation, please visit The Mill House Inn is open year-round. Please note that breakfast is exclusively for guests of the inn.

I took Sylvia’s advice and recently visited the Clam Bar. I can’t wait to write my review; I had such a great experience and look forward to going back. I intend to have it up early next week.


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