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My family and I have been coming to Briermere Farm for one-of-a-kind, homemade pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas since as long as I can remember. When my grandparents had their house in North Haven, a few of us would get up wicked early in the morning to drive over to Riverhead by 6am to grab a few pies for the holiday season. We had not caught on that they do take phone orders in advance, so instead of rushing over for a specific pie, we would leisurely drive over mid morning to pick up the pies of our choice. Today, when you call in for a specific pie, make sure it is at least a few days in advance during the holiday season.

Briermere Farm is a must-stop for those visiting the East End for the first time. The Farm has become a staple for fresh pies, produce, cookies, jams, jellies, syrups, and a variety of juices. Whenever we visit, we always bring in at least two to three reusable bags because we know that we will most likely buy more than we intended to. Everything sold here is seasonal and comes fresh from the farm, so you know it will be the best quality.

Everything is made from scratch on the farm and sold only at the farmhouse on Sound Avenue. Pies and jams are made using the fruit grown on the farm. The farm was originally purchased in 1901 in Northville, along Long Island Sound by Professor Frank Atwood Sirrine. He named his new piece of land Briermere and the name has stayed to this day. The farm practices sustainable agriculture and produces compost to fertilize all of its crops.

Please have a look at the photos above to see more of what is sold at the Farm, including their extensive list of pies. My favorites include Apple Crisp, Blackberry Apple, Cranberry Pear, and Chocolate Cream. Their pies range in price from $16-$22. Many of their pies are available frozen or as day old pies for a lesser price. Come early as these pies sell out fast. During our recent purchase, we got Peach Jam, Boysenberry Jam, Peanut Butter Cookies ($5), a Raspberry Peach Pie (my mom’s favorite), and a Blackberry Apple Pie ($17 each). I love putting the fruit pies in the oven for 350 degrees uncovered when just out of the refrigerator and top each pie slice with Cool Whip.

The peach jam is pure and heavenly. I spread it on top of English muffins, scones, and even put it in my Greek yogurt as a fruity sweetener. The peanut butter cookies were slightly crunchy and had a nice bite of peanut with each taste.

Briermere Farm is open daily from 9am-5pm. Call ahead for pie availability (fresh and day-old). For more information, please visit


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