Buzz + Bloom Honey

Buzz + Bloom Honey

One of my favorite discoveries at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show is Buzz + Bloom Honey. After becoming acquainted with their diverse line of honeys, I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with the Vice President of Marketing, John Rzeszut. Rzeszut provided detailed insight into the company’s mission, branding and unique honey varieties from creamy spreadable honey to squeezable honey.

Buzz + Bloom, founded in September of 2016, is under the helm of Sweet Harvest Foods. Sweet Harvest Foods has been in the honey business for a very long time. Honey is very versatile. It is great in beverages, as a glaze/reduction for meats, dairy, bakery, almost everything. “What really inspires us is that not all honey looks and tastes the same,” explains Rzeszut. “The bee only flies a few miles from their ‘house’, and the honey that they create is indicative of the flower and environment. If you have two beehives on the opposite side of a city or town, that honey is going to taste dramatically different.” Buzz + Bloom grew out of that inspiration of that close bee and flower relationship. “There was a big gap in the market. All the honey on the shelves in the grocery store looks and tastes the same; that should not be.”


A “jelly alternative,” their spreadable honey is great on muffins, breads, and scones, to name a few. “My favorite is on wheat toast or on an English muffin in the morning,” says Rzeszut. “You can use it in tea or in a recipe and it is great to have especially if you are watching your processed sugar intake. My favorite is butter on toast with the cinnamon spreadable honey, a grownup twist on a childhood favorite. It is a real comfort food for me.”

Their squeezable honey is so ideal as it is compact and creates zero mess. “The best ying and yang options are Light & Sweet, and Bold & Floral. For the consumer that likes and cares about honey and where it comes from, Light & Sweet is the gateway honey. Light & Sweet is honey from bees that are visiting the fruit of lychee trees, sourced from the border of Nepal. It is light in color, and has a cotton-candy-like sweetness,” says Rzeszut. “The flavor is quick to dissipate off your tongue.” This honey is useful in tea or on toast, and when you are looking for sweetness delivery rather than flavor delivery. For example, if you would like to add sweetness to Earl Grey tea.

The counterpart is Bold & Floral. “Bees visit multiple types of flowers on trees. The flavor profile stands up and lingers over time. You get a sense of broad floral notes, caramel and molasses,” explains Rzeszut. “It tends to be more robust and holds up well in savory recipes. It also holds up through the baking process, say in a honey wheat bread. Darker and bolder honeys contribute to the flavor.”

Buzz + Bloom Honey

This June was the first time that Buzz + Bloom Honey exhibited at the Summer Fancy Food Show. The short term goal is to bring the honey to the world. “[Enjoying Buzz + Bloom Honey] is a great opportunity for people to explore the flavors, textures, and floral origin. We want people to see the value in our line and how it is changing the honey business overall,” adds Rzeszut. Their booth was beautifully designed and brought the brand to life. “It was visually engaging while relaying a message of our mission. We were able to meet with multiple people at the same time, while receiving tremendous leads on the business.”

This upcoming holiday season, look out for gift and variety packages from Buzz + Bloom.

Premier Honeys retail at $5.99; Spreadable Honeys at $4.99, and Craft Honeys from $2.99 to $3.99.

Buzz + Bloom proudly supports the American Community Gardening Association and their efforts to develop and upkeep local gardens.


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