Caboo Paper

Caboo Paper

Within my day-to-day activities and habits, I am always searching for new alternatives that will help to create a more sustainable lifestyle. I am already teaching my daughter, Sarah, about ways we can lessen our carbon footprint by providing examples of renewable and eco-friendly resources. Thus while I was at the Summer Fancy Food Show this past June, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the initiatives of Caboo, a Canadian-based company, which has created ecologically sustainable paper products from bamboo and cane sugar.

This concept instantly caught my attention. Not only are their products durable and soft it is also of superior quality. Their toilet paper, kitchen roll and other paper products are made from fast-growing, renewable sugarcane and bamboo instead of trees. You may have seen and or heard of bamboo products such as t-shirts, flooring, umbrellas, and bed sheets. Thus, why is bamboo the ideal resource?

Caboo Paper

Caboo chose bamboo natural fibers because not only are they strong, but they are 100% biodegradable. The name of the company derives from a blend of non-GMO Sugarcane(ca), and bamboo (boo). Bamboo is the fastest growing grass in the world, and can be re-harvested in as little as one to two years without replanting, whereas trees take up to thirty years to regrow. The species of bamboo is not a panda bear food source.

Learn more about their initiative via YouTube below:

I am thrilled to have already introduced this company to several of my close friends and family members. Plus, be on the lookout for their new baby wipes that will launch online later this summer. I will announce on social media when the wipes are available for purchase. The wipes are an excellent gift idea for a baby shower or as part of a new baby care package. Sarah is very fond of the wipes. I had always used sensitive baby wipes for the hands, feet and the of course the bum. Caboo’s wipes are very durable and soft to the touch. I carry a package with me while I am traveling to use to clean our hands after enjoying our time at the playground.

Their paper towel is so soft yet so pliable. I like that their super-absorbent paper towel can be broken in to half or full sheets, allowing for less waste. The toilet tissue made from the bamboo and sugar cane fibers create a taut material with a luxuriously soft feel.

At the Food Show, I was complimented with a travel package of pocket tissues. In my opinion, these are the softest tissues on the market, perfect for your carry on bag, school, and or purse. I particularly love that their tissues are free of dyes, perfumes (can’t stand those!), and is super absorbent. The soft tissue fibers are great for those with sensitive skin. 12 tissues per package.

You can purchase Caboo Paper products in Brooklyn at Fresh Start, Greenpoint Natural Market, and The Bad Wife, as well as at The Health Nuts in Manhattan on 2nd avenue. For the convenience of purchasing online, choose or // 604-299-1193 Ext. 3 (headquarters based in Vancouver, B.C.)


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