North Fork Foodie Tour 2021 Tickets Giveaway

I am honored to host a giveaway for my FAVORITE North Fork event: the 10th Annual North Fork Foodie Tour. This will be my second time at the event, and I am so excited to once again explore the generous bounty of the North Fork, stretching from Riverhead to East Marion. This self-guided, family friendly tour includes educational and edible activities, exclusive tours, goat milking, tastings, and more! About twenty vendors are scheduled to attend including Browder’s Birds and North Fork Roasting Company.
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Specialty Food Friday: New Products from TerraNut

I cannot express enough how much I am enthralled with TerraNut. As a fitness trainer, I need to keep my energy level at its peak throughout most of the day while teaching at local boutique studios. Their P’Nut Punch is my favorite of their cold-pressed nut snacks; I keep these handy in my purse and always look forward to them post workout.

I was delighted to hear of their new products that were launched last month, including their Banana Punch individual morsels, and New Pop no skin popcorn that is non-GMO and gluten-free.

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Hampton Coffee Company Water Mill

Hampton Coffee Company has been one of my go-to spots for freshly roasted coffee or a spot of tea and a scone for over a decade. I have also discovered the company at various events across the East End, including Love Bites, Super Saturday, this past summer’s 11th Annual Hamptons Happening, and The Great Food Truck Derby.

I recently visited their Water Mill location on two occasions, one to cure my serious pumpkin craving for one of their pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin muffins. The second time, I enjoyed a quiet lunch with my daughter while learning about their newest retail location in Aquebogue opening later this month.

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Specialty Food Friday: Peconic River Preserves

Jams and jellies are a favorite gift to give (and receive) during the holiday season. Of course, it couldn’t get any better than hand crafted, small batch fruit preserves made from local East End ingredients. Melissa Sabbatino made the decision to start Peconic River Preserves in 2015, two years after she moved home from Boston.

While she did enjoy working as a public accountant in Boston, she chose to focus on her personal business venture that drew upon skills she learned and grew up with as a child. “My mom taught me how to make jam,” explains Sabbatino. “I grew up in a farming and fishing family, and was taught how to bake and cook at any early age. My dad grew up as a bayman, and we always had high quality local produce and seafood. Cooking was a family tradition.”

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Sweet Sunday: Dreesen’s Famous Donuts

Dreesen’s® Famous Donuts are an East End breakfast staple year round. We are so lucky to have to have Dreesen’s as part of our community, and that these old-fashioned favorites are available in various locations on the North and South Fork: Bagel Buoy in Sag Harbor, Scoop Du Jour in East Hampton, The Milk Pail in Watermill, Woodside Farms in Jamesport, Breeze Hill Farms in Peconic, and Woodside Orchard Store in Aquebogue, in addition to locations in Nassau County, New York City, Toronto, California, and Westchester County.

As a node to National Doughnut Day this past Friday, I headed over to Scoop Du Jour in East Hampton to pick up three donuts: two cinnamon sugar and one powdered sugared doughnut along with a cup of coffee from The Golden Pear Cafe across the way. These doughnuts have been sold at this location for as long as I can remember. I recall the times when I was in my preteens and teens walking past here and seeing the doughnuts being made on their “Donut Robot,” one after another on the conveyor line, flips into the bubbling oil. Even from outside, you could taste the aroma of the delicate, lightly sweet signature treat. When you walk in, the scent of nutmeg and fried dough drifts over your way and gives you a great big bear hug that you can’t resist.

Each doughnut costs 95 cents. The earlier you arrive, the warmer and fresher the donuts will be as they are made in one large batch first thing in the morning. In the cooler months, I love sitting inside looking at the nostalgic tin signs adorning the walls with a large cup of hot cocoa and during the summer months, I grab a bag and bring them to the beach or outside on one of the benches and relax the morning away with bites of soft, slightly moist golden goodness.

Dreesen’s® was originally founded by Rudy DeSanti Sr. Dreesen’s® also does catering and has their own Donuts Truck, perfect for weddings and any large event! For more information, please visit

Sweet Sunday: Pride Enjoy Radical Rainbow Cookies

Pride Enjoy Radical Rainbow Cookies, founded by Janel Ordemann just over a year ago, has created a strong presence on the East End’s specialty food market scene. Her rainbow cookies are more than divine, they are cookies that everyone could enjoy because they are completely allergen free! Yes, it is true, these cookies are: wheat-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, vegan, cholesterol-free, non-GMO, and made with neither artificial colors or preservatives. Parents with elementary school-age children, rejoice! Look no further than these fruity, moist, chocolate-layered cookies for in school birthday celebrations and parties at home.

A friend of my and my husband’s son has severe allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and soy, and these sensational cookies made me think of him. More and more children seem to have allergies, and sometimes more than one allergy to certain ingredients that many of us take for granted. It is so great to see these new companies come about and give everyone the opportunity to indulge in sweet treats.

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Modern Snack Bar

I made my first visit for lunch to Modern Snack Bar just a few, short days ago, and am already looking forward to my next visit. Located in the heart of Wine Country on the North Fork, Modern Snack Bar has been a landmark for delicious home cooking since 1950. Known for their famous mashed turnips, and decadent lemon meringue pie, this is one of the premier family-run restaurants on the East End to stop at for homey, American cuisine.

Our waitress was so warmhearted and genuine, which made for such a memorable lunch hour. My mom was with me and was sharing stories of how her father, my grandpa, used to come here for lunch on a regular basis more than thirty years ago when he worked in the area as a building contractor. He passed away this past November, and I have been thinking about him every single day. He always had great taste and I knew instantly why he frequented Modern Snack Bar. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the decor takes you back in time to when the establishment first opened.

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Drink It Tuesday: Miss Lady Root Beer

I first discovered Miss Lady Root Beer by chance on Instagram. What caught my eye were the nostalgic bottles the root beer is bottled in and the adorable puppy found on the label. I immediately became intrigued. It was soon after that I became in touch with the founder, Theo Foscolo. The creation of Miss Lady Root Beer began about three years ago when Theo was a manager for Rowdy Hall. At the time, the restaurant wanted to create a Root Beer Float for dessert, and Foscolo was just the person who knew how to create homemade root beer with his experience of brewing beer at home. “[The] process is very similar to brewing beer. If you have everything to brew beer, you can make root beer,” explained Foscolo. “I already had all the equipment and really got into it. A couple of days went by and the I got the ingredients down. Then, I got the license to make and produce it, and soon after, I worked on the labeling. I did a lot of online research, read a lot of books, experimented with different roots and different flavor components, and came up with a flavor I liked and it stuck.” The creation Miss Lady Root Beer was swift and successful.

Miss Lady Small Batch is an all-natural producer of Root Beer and Cream Soda that has been bottling since 2012. Since its inception, Missy Lady Root Beer has been sold at farmers markets and events across the Hamptons and in New York City. The root beer and cream soda is crafted with all natural ingredients and sealed with handsome packaging in 12 oz bottles. Local fruits in season are made to create these delicious farm-to-bottle carbonated beverages.

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Sweet Sunday: North Fork Chocolate Company

A new gourmet chocolate shop has opened on the North Fork in Aquebogue called the North Fork Chocolate Company! This spacious building is also home to a number of local purveyors who rent space and sell their fine products in the shop. This collective is full of creativity and that features such items for sale as coffee beans that can be ground on the premise, handmade vegan soaps, pickles, potato chips, milk, cheese, cookies, and more.

This past week, the shop has had a few days of “soft openings,” and intends to have their grand opening in late March of spring begins. The shop only features local organic from selected and trusted brands based on the eastern end of Long Island. Even their chocolates include fine ingredients from local farms and businesses.

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