Drink It Tuesday: ChaiElixir


ChaiElixir®  offers three crisp varieties of carbonated, refreshing tea. These teas are just what we need as an accompaniment to the beach during these hot, summer days. Three flavors that were generously sent to me to try were Essence™, Fusion™, and Vivid™. Essence™ is a white tea infused with white peach nectar with light floral notes. Fusion™ is a gently sweetened, silky oolong tea with vanilla undertones and a touch of citrus for a complex, woody finish. Lastly, Vivid™ is a zesty green tea with a citrus flavor which compliments the fresh taste of green tea in this lightly sweetened sparkling drink.

Upon my first sip, which was of the Essence™ white tea and white peach, I was instantly charmed with the invigorating chill and bubbly tea taste. I then moved on to try the green tea and citrus Fusion™ that I thought was very revitalizing, crisp, and light. My favorite out of the three was the last one I tried, oolong and vanilla Fusion™. I wasn’t too surprised by this as oolong tea has always been a favorite of mine, especially when it is chilled. The carbonation, reminiscent of champagne, takes it to a whole new level. These caffeinated and carbonated all natural tea beverages are a perfect non-alcoholic alternative for late afternoon soirees, poolside with a cheese plate, or relaxing in the shade under a large oak tree at the park.

Each tea has 90 calories per bottle, except Vivid™ which has 100 calories per bottle. Each tea is best when served chilled straight from the refrigerator or over ice. Each 12 oz bottle retails at $2.79. You may also choose to shop online. I could easily enjoy these drinks daily. I just cannot seem to get enough of those sparkling bubbles with a twist of bold, exotic teas! The slender glass bottles are very handsome, which provide a dashing presentation at parties.

ChaiElixir, LLC was established in 2012 by Wonny Kim with the purpose of providing an exquisite and quality chai experience in a bottle. ChaiElixir® has crafted three refreshing flavors full of natural anti-oxidants and the right amount of caffeine to invigorate both body and mind.



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