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Claudio’s Restaurant is a famous landmark in the heart of Greenport‘s seaside village. At the helm are chefs Brian Kavanaugh, Eric Kuna, and Anthony Rando. The restaurant has been open for 145 years and I remember coming here as a child for dinner to the Claudio’s Clam Bar and to the main restaurant. I love the historic interior which tells a story in a sense of how long the restaurant has been a prominent staple of the area. The old-fashioned bar area is the centerpiece of the restaurant and the wooden tables evoke a sense of comfort and style.

The service was five star quality with our waiter and the host being very attentive and accommodating. The waiter was also very knowledgeable about the food. I went to Claudio’s with my mom and she ordered a custom cocktail with cranberry juice, seltzer and house vodka which was spot on and pictured below.

claudio's greenport

As an appetizer, we split the Goat Cheese Stuffed Artichokes: panko crusted with lime aioli and balsamic drizzle for $12. For lunch, we both ordered the Lobster Roll: toasted potato roll, stuffed with chunky lobster salad, cole slaw and seasoned chips ($21). Their Lobster Roll was voted one of Long Island’s “Must Eat” Lobster Rolls by Newsday in 2014.

The goat cheese stuffed artichokes were a surprise hit. I loved the mix of the crunchy and creamy textures and the goat cheese and artichokes were warm inside and not piping hot, the perfect temperature for enjoying especially when you are so hungry like we were. It was exactly what we wanted and loved that it was made with goat cheese which had the perfect, silky texture.

The lobster rolls were very good. Just a few things; it was just a tad salty for my taste and I removed the extra lettuce as I don’t prefer to have lettuce on my lobster rolls. What I did love about the lobster was that the meat was chunky, and there was a substantial amount on the potato roll; it was very filling! I would order it again. For next time, I would love to try their Broiled Fisherman’s Sampler that has jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, and flounder for $26 and their Clams Portuguese (9) with chorizo, and fennel for $18. All menu items are available for takeout. Their stuffed flounder, lobster dinner, and famous New England Clam Chowder are favorites among the customers.

claudios greenport

Desserts are $8 each and include Marble Cheesecake, their Oreo Cookie Sundae, Ice Cream Tartufo, Fresh Wild Berry Martini, and Frozen Chocolate Mousse Cake.

We had my daughter, Sarah, with us and she was given a “tour” of the restaurant. Everyone loved her and she was very friendly with the waitstaff and some of the guests who said hello to her.

Their full menu for 2015 is available here. They have a spectacular selection of North Fork wines from such wineries as Bedell, Jamesport, and Pellegrini, and a great Bloody Mary bar. Claudio’s has over 20 Long Island wines on the menu and 15 are poured by the glass. Craft beers and flights are also available.

One of their sister restaurants, Claudio’s Clam Bar,  has the live music events every week. The Claudio’s restaurant group usually participates in off-site events such as Harvest East End and is a sponsor of this year’s Tall Ships America.

Claudio’s Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Their special menu changes daily. The restaurant is open from mid-April to October. For more information and for a 4 1/2 minute video on the history of Claudio’s, please visit


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