Crowd Cow- “Where’s the Beef?”

Step By Step Farm Herd

Crowd Cow has created a very easy to navigate and thorough website that not only teaches us about cooking and preparing each cut of beef, but also reminds us of how important it is to support sustainable farming. It has never been any easier and more concrete than now. Crowd Cow, which has recently launched its nationwide customer reach, believes in enjoying incredible beef the right way: sustainably and humanely. For me personally, this is one of the best food industry concepts I have learned of in many years. Founders Joe Heitzeberg and Ethan Lowry wish to erase the wary and uncertainly of ordering beef at your typical grocery chain and have created a crowd funding sales style of purchasing ethical, and ‘artisanal’ beef.

Most often you do not know which country the beef is coming from, even if there is a stamp that reads “grass fed.” Instead, Crowd Cow customers pick the specific cuts and quantity they want while enjoying the convenience of ordering online. The site encourages meat lovers to rally their family and friends, claim a share, tip a cow and become a “steak holder.”

The beef cuts are affordable, making it accessible to everyone rather than just the upper -middle/upper class. For instance, a Grill Master Share includes one 32oz Rib Steak, 2 lbs of Kalbi-style Short Ribs, and 2 lbs of premium ground beef for $99. Crowd Cow is also a great opportunity to explore all of the different cuts of beef. This movement is similar to what happened with beer and micro-brewing across the country: the variety of beers, different finishings and methods of production. The stories of the farmers that have partnered with Crowd Cow is so compelling. You know exactly where the beef comes from, and are a able to honor the farm from where your beef originates.

Before Crowd Cow, consumers could not easily buy the quality of beef that Crowd Cow offers because the logistics don’t exist. “Farmers are busy raising the cows and do not have the time to market their product. Dry ice is expensive, and it is not cost effective. Dry ice can cost $3 a pound,” explains Heitzeberg. “Farms are most often multi-generational families, and usually consist of a three-person operation. We come into a region and set up sourcing and logistics, and can work across many ranchers, bringing their beef to many customers.”

Included in my shipment were two 1 pound packages of Premium Ground Beef, Shoulder Roast, and Conlotte Steak all from Lil’ Ponderosa Ranch located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Their cows are raised on open pastures with a 100% grass diet. With our ground beef, we made Kris’s meatloaf with a variety of spices, breadcrumbs, and BBQ sauce. I really appreciated the ‘Beef Cheat Sheet’ received with my shipment. The sheet breaks down each piece of beef, from brisket and merlot steak to shoulder roast and top sirloin. It tells you the best methods of cooking and preparation per cut (pan, grill, stew/braise/roast), which temperature is ideal for each method, and tips & tricks. For example, their beef can be cooked from frozen or thawed. If thawing, you should place in the fridge overnight. After cooking, all meat should rest for 5-10 minutes to let the juices redistribute. Lastly, it is best to season your beef 45 minutes before cooking.


Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow now ships nationwide! Shipping cost is $12.99, no matter how much you buy! Join their referral program here. // 206-539-0639

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