Culinary Inspiration

Vanessa’s enthusiasm for cooking and cuisine evolved from her experiences as a child growing up on the East End. Her parents and grandparents taught her the first steps of cooking. Homemade meals were what brought her family together almost every weekend and at each holiday gathering. In fact, her warmest memories entwine her experiences in her family’s kitchen in North Haven, a village adjacent to Sag Harbor, NY.

In the Hamptons, there is an eatery for everyone’s palate. In the morning you may wish to dine at one of the many cozy breakfast spots and enjoy a freshly prepared meal. Or, in between a long day at the beach in our busy summer months, you may have a craving for a clam roll, cold pasta salad, fresh fruit or a sandwich from a local delicatessen. From the intimate eateries with a rich and sentimental history, to the hustling village sandwich and coffee shops, whether you are relaxing or on the go, there is a taste of the Hamptons for everyone around every corner.

Her love for specialty food originally derived from visiting her local food and gift shops, where they would sell handmade goods made in small batches that they would not sell anywhere else. Visiting the farmers markets on the North Fork and bringing home freshly baked pies, locally jarred honey and jams, and bags of Gala apples from the Milk Pail are some of her favorite memories of growing up on the East End. Since then, Vanessa has attended the NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show to discover specialty foods from around the world. Becoming immersed in the international gourmet food industry has heightened her senses for high quality foods, while exploring the newest trends and latest industry standards in specialty food.

An owner of seventy cookbooks (and counting), Vanessa continues to delve into the discovery of new cooking methods and techniques. She enjoys learning how she can incorporate her favorite recipes with local ingredients and attempting to recreate some of her favorite meals taught to her as a child that she hopes to one day serve to her own children. As she rediscovers the old and finds the new savory dishes and culinary products of the East End, she finds inspiration for her ever growing personal recipe collection.

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