My Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials

Just before my son was born three weeks ago, I was introduced to several new diaper bag essentials. Becoming a mom for the second time, I have noticed the feeling of being overwhelmed had dissipated compared to when I became a first-time-mom almost four years ago because I was prepared and knew which brands were reliable. I remember then that there were so many products out there but I never had the time to read all the reviews and weigh my options.

I am introducing my readers five new brands (and one that is already cherished) I am confident you will fall in love with and take with you wherever you go. Discover these diaper bag must-haves that will make your life all the more easier!

Sophie La Girafe: Handmade exclusively in France, Sophie the Giraffe has been the go-to teether for parents across the world since 1961. Made from 100% natural rubber and painted with food grade dyes so babies can chew and squish to their hearts’ delight. Each Sophie the Giraffe is non toxic, super soft and smooth, and is designed to stimulate all five of baby’s senses. My daughter loves Sophie and it is wonderful to introduce this exceptional toy to my son as well. ($24.21) Take 10% off your next order with SOPHIE10.

Sophie’s Colors Book: To accompany your Sophie, pack a thin book to help your little one learn all the colors of the rainbow! Through the power of reading, go on a 14-page adventure with Sophie and her friends as they discover different colors. ($3.83)

CreekBabyEvery busy mom needs a go-to crème that does it all!. CreekBaby Coconut Body Crème is 100% Pure Organic Coconut Oil. It is simple, unscented, and safe to use on even the most sensitive skin. It is conveniently packaged for throwing in your diaper bag. Its many uses include: soothing a diaper rash, a face lips and hands moisturizer, sun burns, and for cuts, scrapes and bites. ($15.99)

Pebble: Environmentally and ethically conscious, Pebble makes beautiful, hand crocheted toys that are safe for infants to play with. Designed by Samantha Morshed, Pebble has a unique European style and aesthetic. Each Pebble toy is hand crocheted and made with love and care. All Pebble toys are made of 100% cotton. The best part is that these toys are easy to clean: simply throw them in the washer, and they will be as good as new. Pebble employs over 12,000 women in over 100 communities throughout rural Bangladesh and is guaranteed Fair Trade. ($7.95+)

Tranquilo Mat: Keep your little one calm and content through hectic traveling with Tranquilo Mat. Tranquilo Mat is an innovative game-changer for parents and babies dealing with the “fourth trimester” after birth and beyond! The revolutionary, portable vibrating mat soothes babies in their cribs, strollers, on-the-go carriers, or car seats, and can be used during travels to the park, visiting grandparents, and on family vacations. Tranquilo Mat’s constant motion and sound provides the reassurance of the womb by mimicking a mom’s heartbeat and motions through gentle vibrations and soft sounds. Just turn the Tranquilo Mat “ON” to turn baby’s crying “OFF.” Roll up the map and slide it into your diaper bag to ease baby to sleep on the go. ($99.99)

Boppy: Lightweight, and ultra-soft, breastfeeding on the go no longer has to be a hassle. With the Boppy® Infinity Nursing Scarf simply unwrap, adjust strap and nurse! The key to successfully breastfeeding in public is picking the right things to wear. The Boppy Company recognizes that fashion for moms should be stylish and modern, but also functional and affordable. The Boppy® Infinity Nursing Scarf with the innovative peek panel™ can be worn as a fashionable scarf and also provide full coverage for discreet breastfeeding. I have worn mine out at the park and at meetings and love knowing I can feed my son anywhere without worry. ($25)


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