Dinner at The Garden at Water Mill


Dinner at The Garden at Water Mill, one of the newest restaurants to hit the Hamptons scene, should be top on your to-do list. The summer-fare focused restaurant has one of the most unique, farm-to-table style dining experiences on the East End where every dish is bursting with flavor, character, and creativity. Located just a few steps away from the bus stop, it is the perfect dinner destination after a commute from Manhattan or if you are rooted in the Hamptons for the summer, an ideal spot for bringing the whole family or the perfect date night to create a memorable wow-factor.

the garden water mill east end taste

Last week’s dining experience began with a selection of small plates, crudos, and appetizers, served family style. Our choices and recommendations included:

  • Burrata: strawberry, black pepper and basil compote ($20)
  • Lavender Sea Salt Bread ($12)
  • Tuna: key lime aioli, cucumber ($26)
  • Scallop: pickled wasabi stem, soy, purple shiso ($24)
  • Marinated Beets: toasted mustard seeds, arugula, goat cheese ($18)
  • Grilled Romaine: coconut yogurt, burnt olives, lemon, cherry jus ($22)

An experience at The Garden encompasses all of why my family and I love going out to eat in the Hamptons during the summer months. You could easily order the same dishes again and again all summer long, while also be tempted to try a variety of new dishes that pique your interest. Their scallops are out of this world, for example, and it came as no surprise that we ordered both the small plate and main course scallop dish and were just as impressed both times.

The Grilled Romaine with coconut yogurt was our favorite. Crispy, semi-sweet, and tart with plenty of texture that evokes a true earthy, Hamptons style dish. The biscuits with lavender butter and sea salt replace the rosemary sea salt bread for the season and were a great way to start our dinner.

the garden water mill east end taste

For our main course, we shared the following plates:

  • Scallop: blood orange coulis, fennel chips
  • Organic Half Chicken: pancetta, seasonal vegetables, pan jus
  • Cockle & Shrimp: white wine, garlic, red pepper flake with linguini
  • Ribeye: shiitake mushroom, crispy rosemary potatoes

The crispy potatoes are some of the best I have ever had and everyone at the table gave their seal of approval for the half chicken, including Sarah who is usually so picky. She couldn’t get enough and even had the rest for lunch the next day. The blood orange coulis with the scallops was exquisitely paired.

Don’t skip dessert at The Garden! Try their plate of lavender cookies, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with a dash of coarse sea salt, and blueberry cobbler a la mode. The lavender is so fresh and aromatic; if you are a budding lavender fan like myself (and now my husband) you will fall head over heels in love with their cookies. Pair with their freshly brewed coffee, tea, or homemade lemonade.

The Garden also offers family-style dining with their Lobster Bake, which includes a massive pot filled with lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp, corn, potatoes and delicious homemade bread. A gluten-free option is also available. Choose the add on for their delicious baked clams and crab stuffed mushrooms.

the garden water mill east end taste
Credit: Nitzan Rubin

Click here to reserve your spot for the Uchi Pop Up, featuring James Beard Award Winning Chef and Sushi Master, Tyson Cole of Uchi in Austin, Texas. This pop up begins July 4th and will run every Thursday-Sunday in July.

The Garden is currently open seven days a week for dinner from 5pm-12am, and is also available for private events. An all-day menu will launch in mid-July.

https://www.thegardenatwatermill.com // 631-500-9373