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I have seen Bai in a few locations in the Hamptons since the summer began, including The Dock House in Sag Harbor and in King Kullen in Bridgehampton, in addition to Bai being one of the sponsors at a few events I have attended out here this summer. It is so great to see a company that is so involved with the Hamptons culture and has such wide presence. The brand caught my eye instantly at Dan’s Taste of Summer event; I walked right up to the booth and was greeted by a group of friendly, young women, who allowed me to try a selection of four flavors and it turned out that the Tanzania Lemonade Tea was my favorite flavor.

Soon after the event, I contacted Bai to inform them of how much I enjoyed tasting Bai 5 (5 because each beverage is 5 calories per serving) at the Taste of Summer event. They generously sent me a neatly packaged box that contained one of each of their ten flavors. I was so excited to try them all and wondered which one would be my favorite and if it would still be the Tanzania Tea.

First I must express how much I love the unique names of each of the flavors. Doesn’t each name remind you of an exotic island vacation? Each Bai 5 flavor is gluten-free, Kosher, non-GMO, Vegan, low glycemic, and soy-free. One of the ingredients that particularly stood out to me and is part of the added antioxidant blend is the organic coffee fruit. You may wonder what exactly this is and why Bai chose that ingredient. CEO and Founder, Ben Weiss, discovered the coffee fruit about 5 years ago. He has been in the coffee industry for over 20 years now and realized that the fruit surrounding the coffee bean was being discarded and wasted – meanwhile it is naturally filled with antioxidants! He was able to take this and infuse it into a drink, making Bai 5 and antioxidant infusion, while giving consumers a new beverage that is all natural, low sugar, and has no fake ingredients.

It turns out my favorite flavors are the Congo Pear and the Panama Peach. It was a tough decision as I really loved them all, but these two flavors I craved the most. I look forward to picking up some more when I go grocery shopping later this week. I intend to serve Bai 5 at a get-together I am hosting this Thursday.

What is also wonderful about this product is that each bottle is only 10 calories, which is perfect because we should never consume a great amount of calories in the beverages we drink. Each flavor is refreshing, soothing, and thirst quenching, a perfect accompaniment to a beach outing, an afternoon pool party and BBQ, or during a sunset cocktail party. I enjoyed Bai’s Molokai Coconut paired with my hot wheat cereal, and blueberries that I had for breakfast that morning. In the past, I was never that excited about drinking coconut water, but I happen to love this flavor a great deal. I drank the rest of the bottle in the afternoon and poured it over ice. The name “Molokai” reminds me of Hawaii and palm trees swaying in the beach. Very serene and peaceful!

Bai 5 is sold nationally in the U.S. All major retailers carry Bai including Target, Shop Rite, Wegman’s, Whole Foods in the Northeast region as well as Costco and Walmart. It is sold throughout the Hamptons and in the U.S. in many cafes, smaller markets, restaurants, etc. You could also purchase Bai 5 beverages on Amazon and on Bai’s website.

For more information, please visit www.drinkbai.com. Find Bai on social media @DrinkBai. While you are on the east end this summer, tweet a photo of you and your Bai beverage. You may also tweet to me. When you submit yourself with your Bai 5 beverage on Instagram, include #MyHamptonsFlavor, the Bai hashtag for the summer!


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