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Maple Water is making its way to the Hamptons full speed with Boston-based company, DRINKmaple, who has already done pop-ups at some locations on the East End, including c/o The Maidstone and SoulCycle in Montauk. I am fascinated with maple water and recently learned that it was enjoyed by the indigenous people throughout America and Canada for many years before its growing popularity. The product and concept is relatively new to modern day U.S. for consumers, but it is gaining attention and becoming a preferred alternative to plain water, and coconut water. DRINKmaple is created with the sap that comes straight from maple trees. This low in calorie water is naturally hydrating and boasts a subtle hint of maple flavor.

The huge plus for me is it is naturally subtly sweet and organic. The maple water is also non-GMO, dairy-free and gluten-free. I am recommending maple water to many of my friends and family members, and everyone agrees with me that this is what is leading the market for vitamin and antioxidant-rich beverages.

drinkmaple boston

DRINKmaple was conceived in March of 2014 by dedicated triathletes Kate Weiler and Jeff Rose. The two discovered the subtly sweet taste of maple water while traveling to Mont-Tremblant, Quebec to compete in Ironman Mont-Tremblan triathalon. Both Weiler and Rose hope that people of all lifestyles, from fellow triathletes to college students and families, enjoy the unprecedented nutritional and hydration benefits of DRINKmaple.

Weiler has completed hundreds of triathlons, including five full distance Ironmans and has qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. She is currently training for the Ironman Lake Placid this summer and just complete authoring her first book, Real Fit Kitchen, which will be published in September 2015 by Fair Winds Press. Rose has completed marathons and two full distance Ironman races and is currently in training for Ironman Lake Placid this coming summer.

DRINKmaple comes in three sizes: 8.45 fl oz (20 calories) for $2.29, a 12 oz bottle (30 calories) for $2.99, and 1 liter for $4.99 (20 calories per 8.45 fl oz serving). The maple water has an 18 month shelf life, a seven day refrigeration period, and is best enjoyed cool rather than cold.



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