Drink It Tuesday: Happy Tree Maple Water

maple water

This is the first time I have tried Happy Tree Maple Water and am more than eager to share this delicately sweet and refreshing beverage with you. It is unlike any water you have ever tasted. Not only is it a perfect substitute for sweetened beverages as it has a with a faint hint of maple in each sip, there are no added ingredients are used and it is organic! The early season maple water is never heated, and is wild-harvested from the Catskill Mountains in Grahamsville, NY.

I took my first sip and I was hooked. I made the best choice in purchasing this maple water and am now a dedicated customer. I could see myself drinking this a few times a week. The water tastes just a bit thicker than your regular bottled water is perfect for bringing to the beach and to the park to keep yourself hydrated.

Maple water is the water that flows through sugar maple trees in the early spring, which means that all of the nutrients collected from the tree from previous fall is now in the water. Such nutrients include Vitamin B, Manganese, and Zinc.

Happy Tree Maple Water was founded in 2013 and by some is considered to be the “new coconut water.” It is available at Whole Foods and other retailers, including Provisions in Sag Harbor, in either a 10oz ($4) or 16oz bottle ($5.50). I purchased the 16oz bottle which has 1.5 servings (35 calories per serving). For more information, please visit http://drinkhappytree.com


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