Drink It Tuesday: Juice Press Vitamin D3 Tablets and Juice Favorites


There is nothing like a refreshing cold-pressed juice or smoothie on a hot summer day by the pool or at the beach. I grab my juices in the morning from the Juice Press in Bridgehampton, and head for my home for a restful morning of lounging out by my pool. I also love bringing my Juice Press juices to work, and on my nature walks. They are so perfect for keeping me hydrated, and I always know I am getting the nutrients I need to fuel my day with the healthiest ingredients.

My current go-to juices are their Love at First Sight, The Romanian (their newest green juice), cold-brewed coffee with JP Black, and Slim Mint. The name, Love at First Sight, ideally fits the juice’s taste. I love semi-sweet juices and this juice is gently sweetened with cold-pressed green apple juice with a hint of tart.

In addition to The Romanian, I was recently introduced to Juice Press’s new Vitamin D3 tablets, which are sunshine in a bottle with no sunscreen required. These tablets are made using the only source of vegan vitamin D3 on Earth. The newly introduced Dr. Green’s Vitamin D3 tablets contain 500% RDA of Vitamin D3, calming chamomile extract, and chicory extract for calcium absorption. There is zero sugar, zero calories, and no chemicals or artificial ingredients. Thus, they are a safe and healthy way to get your summer sun vitamins!

The new D3 tablets are available at both the Southampton and Bridgehampton locations, and in all Juice Press stores.

I love the beach towel I received! It is a perfect fit for the summer heatwave that is already upon us. The towel has already had a ton of use within the past week alone and will be taking numerous trips with me to Cooper’s Beach, Sagg Main Beach, and Long Beach this summer.

https://www.juicepress.com // 631-237-1711


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