Drink It Tuesday: Juice Press Watermelon

Juice Press

I must express how ecstatic I am that the Juice Press has finally opened its doors in Bridgehampton, in addition to their location in Southampton! How about Amagansett next? I have visited the Juice Press about four times just last month with many more visits to come. The Watermelon Juice I feature today is my favorite juice there. I just had to buy two this time!

I first tried a juice a the Juice Press in 2011 while I was going to school in NYC. I then stopped in after I was given a gift card from Pure Barre in Southampton on the day of their grand opening (where I took one of the best barre classes with Kaitlin)! I first purchased the Watermelon Juice and their chocolate shake. I loved both so much that I immediately refilled my gift card that originally had  an amount of $10.

My other favorites include their Heaven On Earth smoothie (it truly is, by the way) and the Fountain of Youth. Heaven On Earth is made with homemade raw almond milk, frozen banana, dates, raw almond butter, rice protein powder, raw cacao powder, and cinnamon. I add a small dash of extra cinnamon while I was at home. Fountain of Youth is young thai coconut water, frozen banana,frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, agave, hemp protein, and coconut oil. FYI, it was very thick for my taste; I decided to add some more water and blend it again at home.

Next time I would like to try their banana shake (upon a recommendation from a Juice Press employee), mini Glo (grapefruit, lemon juice and orange juice) and the Vital Force Very Berry (almond milk, bananas, filtered water, strawberries, soaked cashews, blueberries, raspberries, dates, lime juice, goji berries, probiotics, maca powder and sea salt).

Please note the date when you purchase your juice. Because the juice is not pasteurized, it will not last long. Don’t forget about it in the fridge. It is best if you drink it that day or the day after, latest! The cost is a bit higher than most people would want to pay but remember that these juices are packed with nutrients. You’re body (and soul) will thank you!

The Juice Press sells pressed juices, smoothies, desserts, salads, raw chocolate, hot soups, cleanse packages and more. For more information, including their menu and locations, please visit http://www.juicepress.com


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