Drink It Tuesday: Mamma Chia

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I learned about the Mamma Chia beverage company while I attended Super Saturday a little over a week ago in Watermill. They had their own stand along with a few other companies as part of the famous Hamptons, family-friendly event. They were giving event guests the opportunity to taste a flavor of choice and gave out one bottle of Mamma Chia to each guest, along with a coupon for a free beverage at any retail location. For example, Mamma Chia sells their products at Whole Foods, Target, Wegmans, and Sprouts, to name a few.

I have recently become obsessed with chia seeds, I don’t just throw the word “obsessed” around so easily. About a month or so ago, I accidentally put way too many chia seeds on my Buddhaberry frozen yogurt, I mean there were literally two or three solid layers of chia seeds, like my frozen yogurt erupted them like a volcano. Instead of pouring them out, I ended up nibbling on them plain. I loved that addictive crunch and how it complimented the cool taste of the frozen yogurt. By the way, ever time I order frozen yogurt there, chia seeds are a must! I have never purchased chia seeds plain, but I think that is what I am going to start to do. What is great is that you could add them to almost anything: salad, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, iced tea, hot tea, hummus, anything! The seeds absorb the moisture so if you add them to a beverage, they become soft and plump.

Mamma Chia sells organic chia seeds in a large pouch, their organic vitality beverages in flavors such as cherry lime (the one I had that I really enjoyed), coconut mango, guava mamma and pineapple coconut. Don’t all of those flavors sound incredible? What a great idea for a refreshing (and pleasantly satisfying) fruity, healthy beverage! Next time, I would choose to try their guava mamma flavor! In addition, they also sell chia “squeeze” snacks in yummy flavors including apple cinnamon, blackberry bliss, and strawberry banana.

For more information on the “original chia seed drink”, nutrition benefits of chia seeds, and much more, please visit http://www.mammachia.com


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