Drink It Tuesday: Manjoor Estate Haute Spice


A few weeks back while at the Fitist Collective after my 305 Fitness class, I had the chance to sample a unique, new line of healthy beverages called Manjoor Estate Haute Spice. They were giving out a variety of samples of their spiced drinks, including lassis or yogurt blends (an Indian yogurt type drink usually sweetened with fresh mangos), coconut water, and fruit juices. Each of their products have distinctive spicy notes and blends. I have never tasted anything quite like it.

I tried four different flavors: chai almond milk “non-yogurt” blend, ginger coconut water, strawberry pineapple juice, and the mint coconut water. In order to identify each flavor, you should carefully read the labels on the side. What is great about that is it gives you the opportunity to learn which spices are incorporated into each drink and why. For example, in the strawberry-pineapple juice, clove is the main spice, which according to the label, is considered as the “toothpaste of our forefathers” and may be used for cancer, food poising, and ulcers. In addition, mint, “North Africa’s favored spice”, may be used for digestion, stress and cancer. Lastly, peppercorn, “the most universal of spices”, may be used for arthritis, heart disease, brain function, and cancer.

My favorite beverage is the mint coconut water followed by the strawberry-pineapple juice. I love the added taste of mint! They are both so great for that perfect cleansing feeling, especially after someone (like me) decided to eat sweets three days in a row. In addition to a fantastic strength and abs workout, I felt so rejuvenated after sipping these beverages. I say sip because you want to enjoy these beverages over the course of an hour or so because the spices can be a little intense. Enjoy drinking them with some steamed vegetables, curry, and or couscous. The only beverage I have had similar to this was a ginger tea at an Indian restaurant in eastern London. I would love to learn more about the incorporation of spices and their health benefits. I would assume there is a course in the city. If I ever take one, which I hope to do, I’ll keep you informed. I met a tea guru from England who told me to add rosemary to my Darjeeling tea, for example. I have done it ever since.

In addition to selling their products on their website, they also sell them at The Greenwich Hotel, and The Mercer Hotel (for special events). In September, they will be at Fitist and, Yogasmoga on both coasts, and a variety of boutique fitness clubs. Also in in the fall, they will start selling a line at healthy outlets, including, hopefully, your neighborhood Whole Foods and international markets. I look forward to seeing them at in and around the boutique fitness studios, and hope to have the opportunity to sell a line on the east end.

Their juices, water, and lassis sell from anywhere between $6 and $11. Don’t forget to shake the bottle well each time you enjoy (otherwise you will get a heaping helping of spices at the end)! For more information, please visit www.manjoorestate.com


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